Letters to the editor

Spring 2020

Good Photo Op

Mark DiOrio of Colgate University nailed it! This is a beautiful photo (cover, winter 2020); well-planned and executed.

Matt Brown

Remembering a Brother

Thanks for sharing the story about Mu of DKE brother Oswald T. Avery. His fraternity pin is placed in his records in the Rockefeller University Faculty Archives right next to his Copley and Pasteur medals. Avery was a classmate of fellow DKE and Colgate geology professor Harold O. Whitnall, Class of 1900. Imagine the conversations!

Sean Fitzmichael Devlin ’05

Memories on Film

I remember the Hamilton Theater as Schine’s. I grew up in Hamilton, and I graduated in 1959 from Hamilton Central School. At that time, Colgate University’s student body was all male. My father’s family ran a dairy farm, Elm View Farm on Lebanon Street (no longer there). In fact, when my sister and I expressed a desire to go see a movie, my father would go to the movie theater to check out the movie, and if he felt it was not a movie we should go and see, my sister and I could not go. (Remember, I grew up in the early 1950s.) At that time, admission was 25 cents.

I met my husband, Carlos E. Caban ’63, in the summer of 1962, and during his senior year at Colgate, on occasion we would go to the movies. Thanks to Chloe You ’22 and Molly Adelman ’21 for doing this article.

Elinor (Snyder) Caban

Back in the day, many classmates turned out for the movies. Mostly, we were there not for the movie, but for the improv by students prior to, during, and after the showing — and for the one-liners from the audience (mostly unprintable) that truly would rival SNL! Many years later, when Chuck Fox ’70 was managing the Hamilton Theater, my grandson, Sam Hale, worked there while at Hamilton High. Sam would update me with all the creative things Chuck did to make the theater a favorite venue for many people beyond just the local community. Some of the special events included: dressing in costumes themed to The Sound of Music, animals in the lobby depicted in Disney shows, and a fish buffet (shark sushi?) prior to the showing of Jaws. Every time I return to Colgate, it is with pride and a smile of great memories when I view the theater’s marquee gifted by the great Class of ’56.

Gordie Miller ’56

Lessons in Literature

It was particularly gratifying for me to read the article by Steve Hannah ’70 lauding the remarkable talents of the late Professor Jonathan Kistler. Some 30 years ago, I established the Jonathan H. Kistler Memorial Fund, designed to support projects within the English department. In the ensuing years, the fund has contributed tens of thousands of dollars toward a multitude of projects, including a memorial prize awarded annually to two outstanding students majoring in English literature.

On my first day at Stanford Law School, the dean noted to the entering class that those who had majored in political science had wasted their time as far as the law school was concerned. A huge groan filled the room. Then, he went on to explain, those who had majored in English lit or philosophy would probably know how to read and write, and “that will help you here.” He was right; thank you, Dr. Kistler.

Harry F. Lee ’57

Hooray for Hannah

Two excellent pieces, Steve Hannah ’70. Wish a pachyderm like Barbara would run loose in my snowy, sleepy little town north of Boston. February could sure use some excitement.

Lucia Greene ’76

The Professor Works in Mysterious Ways

Great love story. That summer was so special for [my father, Professor Bruce Selleck ’71], and he spoke of [Karen ’12 and Alex Crawford-Alley ’12] often. My dad worked in all sorts of mysterious (well, not that mysterious really; he typically knew what was best for people) ways. May you find many more years of adventure together.

Beth Selleck Fiore

From One Couple to Another

Hooray for Colgate Magazine (winter 2020) for inserting the charming love story of David Ganz ’86 and Kim Kramer ’87. I don’t know them, but it brought a tear to my eye to read about a true love story similar to mine. These well-written, interesting inserts make for good reading.

Cal Low ’58

Music Men

I never met Lin Brehmer ’76 at Colgate but I did have the most amazing student job working the Colgate record store. What a collection of vinyl! Maybe Lin visited and built his collection there?

Michael Scher ’78

Message to a Storyteller

Amazing film (Free Solo); so many risks taken on all fronts to bring this story to life. Riveting and remarkable. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

Karen Calabrese Chapman ’97