Alumni Updates

Volleyball action shot of Autumn McKenzie ’97

‘That Moment Was Huge’

Autumn McKenzie ’97 is one of Colgate's trailblazers of distinction, in honor of the Title IX anniversary.
Portrait of Annette Nielsen '82

Cultivating Our Food Systems

Annette Nielsen ’82 has dedicated her career to educating others about healthy eating as well as the vital role farms play in our nutrition and food systems.
Portrait of Katelyn Burke ’10 Tinius

Today’s Guest: Captain Ahab

With her podcast Of Mice and Men and Monsters, Katelyn Burke ’10 Tinius is reimagining classic works of literature through the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.
Greg Manusky ’87, an inside linebacker coach for the Minnesota Vikings, during practice

Football Forever

Trace the football career of Greg Manusky ’87, inside linebacker coach for the Minnesota Vikings.