Professor working with child on ipad

The Science of Slumber

At Colgate's Child Sleep and Physiology Lab, assistant professor Lauren Philbrook studies the effects of environmental stressors on children's sleep.
Illustration of woman with baby with visible gut biome

Going With Her Gut

Robin Flannery ’02 is taking a closer look at the benefits of probiotics for babies.
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Real-World Research

A cross section of research projects undertaken by Colgate students over the summer.
professor Ken Segall in dramatically lit computer lab

Big Brain Theory

Microsoft-funded research envisions computer chips that behave like human neurons.
Coffman teaches Laotian children how to use a tree borer to sample Asian swamp cypress.

A Majestic Discovery

Gretchen Coffman ’91 is leading efforts to restore the critically endangered Asian swamp cypress tree.
Beth Parks working with student

Power to the People

Physics and astronomy professor Beth Parks works to make solar power feasible in Uganda.
Javier Padilla Rios sitting down outside

Poetic Connections

After graduating from Colgate a decade ago, English professor Javier Padilla '10 has returned to the Hill to share his passion for Irish literature.