illustration of snake coiling head

Bitten by the Green-Eyed Monster?

In her Science of Relationships core class, Professor Jennifer Tomlinson discusses the ways in which jealousy rears its ugly head.
Illustration of woman holding cat before jungle scene

Finding Keats in Ecuador

An alumna in the Peace Corps writes about a chance encounter that results in a surprising good luck charm.
Illustration of man at crossroads with Nietzsche's face in background

My Journey with Neitzsche

David Dudrick, George Carleton Jr. Professor of Philosophy, grapples with Nietzsche's ideas about God and morality and asks, "What makes us equal?"
Two women lead children in hand-washing demonstration

A Tale of Two Women

Carolyn Daly ’06 compares her life with that of Aura Perez, a Guatemalan woman who now volunteers for the humanitarian organization Daly runs.