Kristin Baird Rattini

Karen Morse in front of the Hollywood sign

As Good as Her Words

Screenwriter Karen Bloch Morse ’95 has had more than two decades of success in Hollywood.
R Michael Smith headshot

Dispatch from Afghanistan

After years of pro bono legal work, R. Michael Smith '70 now helps lead the youth of Afghanistan with his nonprofit organization.
Illustration of woman with baby with visible gut biome

Going With Her Gut

Robin Flannery ’02 is taking a closer look at the benefits of probiotics for babies.
Susanne Brooks '04 leaning on a tree

A Climate of Change

As senior director of the Environmental Defense Fund, Susanne Brooks '04 seeks market-based solutions to climate change.
Coffman teaches Laotian children how to use a tree borer to sample Asian swamp cypress.

A Majestic Discovery

Gretchen Coffman ’91 is leading efforts to restore the critically endangered Asian swamp cypress tree.