Letters to the Editor

Summer 2021

Good Times at Dana Arts Center

Image courtesy of
Special Collections & University Archives

As a fine arts major who was involved in vocal music groups, I spent a lot of time in Dana (“Places of Imagination,” spring 2021). As a child visiting my big brother at Colgate for parents’ weekend, in 1967 I saw a play performed in Brehmer Theater in Dana. It perhaps was one of the first plays performed at Dana.

Skipping ahead to the mid-’70s, a group of friends my freshman year had a tradition of playing Sardines in the odd spaces in Dana every so often on Friday nights.

I was a happy user of the elevator in bad weather.

I loved the old Picker Gallery as a teaching gallery, with the open picture windows. Artists whose exhibits rotated through each year came to speak about their work in that space, and attendance was required as part of our studio courses.

Dana brings back happy memories of University Chorus rehearsals with Marietta Cheng and of Swinging ’Gates rehearsals in Room 122. There were plays, concerts, and Madison Quartet concerts in Brehmer. One of the highlights of my experiences in Dana was the 1977 Summer Institute on Pre-Columbian Studies. Professor Flora Clancy gathered the leading scholars on Teotihuacan to present papers of their current research, and it was great to meet these people, whose books we had been studying, in person. In particular, Dr. Clemency Coggins gave an outstanding presentation about the murals at Teotihuacan and inspired me to learn all I could about them. A year and a half later, I was on Dr. Anthony Aveni’s archaeoastronomy Jan Plan to central Mexico, standing directly in front of murals in buildings at Teotihuacan for the first time.

Sculpture exhibits were held on the roof garden [at Dana] with wine-and-cheese openings during summer term. We dressed up to attend.

Dana has a rich history at Colgate and was meaningful to me. I am grateful to have had the honor of exhibiting a collage in 1984 in an alumni art show in the upper gallery.

Victoria Stephens ’79 Williams

Remembering Beloved Professors

In response to “In Tribute: Bertram J. Levine ’63” (winter 2021)

He was an amazing professor who taught on my Washington Study Group. He was a very kind and compassionate man who loved teaching.

Kathryn Barcroft ’94

Bert played a big role in my life as a college jr. Great and selfless person.

Eric Andersen ’87

In response to “In Tribute: William J. “Bill” Oostenink” (winter 2021)

A truly tremendous personality and wonderful person.

Jesse Bocinski ’04

Trusted Leader

In response to “Teachable Moments,” about Jim Peyser ’78, secretary of education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (spring 2021): Jim, from one Colgate grad to another, what a difference a great education makes. Proud to be a trustee of Holyoke Community College and follow your thought leadership. Thanks for all you do for our great state!

Charlie Epstein ’79

Supporting Different Generations

Sparked by “Somebody to Lean On” (spring 2021): I’m 87 and still working full-time, and my granddaughter is 25 and just graduating from Columbia with a master’s in journalism. Amazingly, we have a lot in common and FaceTime every other week.

Art Bayern ’54