JoAnn Greco

Greg Manusky ’87, an inside linebacker coach for the Minnesota Vikings, during practice

Football Forever

Trace the football career of Greg Manusky ’87, inside linebacker coach for the Minnesota Vikings.
Richard Conti ’76 in police uniform

Protect and Serve

Richard Conti ’76 decided to step back from his corporate career to become a police officer.
Illustration of a group of young people in the forest

Nurture Through Nature

Change Summer, founded by Joshua Phillips ’96, gives youth from under-resourced communities an outdoor experience while equipping them with skills for a successful future.
Clark Battle ’89 with a self-made instrument

Piano Forte

Clark Battle ’89 has invented an instrument he calls the Evolano, which blends the piano and cello.
Psychologist Anna Lawler ’95

It’s Never as Simple as It Seems

Forensic psychologist Anna Lawler ’95 gives her expert opinion on people's personalities, in instances ranging from death penalty cases to hiring nuclear power plant employees.

This Sporting Life

Alumni athletes have continued their sports after graduation in various ways.
Kimber (Clark) Baldwin ’87 at her studio and shop

Color Ways

Kimber Baldwin blends art and science to produce multihued skeins of yarn that are pure alchemy.