Aleta Mayne

Illustration of Seven Oaks book

Playing It Forward

With his new book about Seven Oaks Golf Club, Jim Ford MA’16 honors the place that helped set him on the right course.
Colgate alumnus Mike DeFilippo ’78 leans into stair railing at Central Visual and Performing Arts where he teaches classes after surviving a school shooting.

‘Gun Violence Is a Disease’

When Mike DeFilippo ’78 heard about the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Fla., he asked himself, “Am I prepared to take a bullet for kids?” Yes, he was, he decided.
Photo of Colgate Alumnus Karl Fries '10

‘Investing in the World We Want to Live In’

As a quantitative investment analyst with Arjuna Capital in Manchester by the Sea, Mass., Karl Fries ’10 focuses on sustainable investing through companies that value environmental responsibility and social justice.