Aleta Mayne

Taking Initiative

From baby ball pits to custom cuff links, these products by alumni are the foundation of successful businesses.
Joan Williams sits on courthouse bench

For City, Community, and Change

As chief of staff for the Akron (Ohio) City Council, Joan Williams ’84 is contributing solutions to the city's problems with racism.
Portrait of author Jennifer E. Smith ’03

Beating the Odds

Prolific author Jennifer E. Smith ’03 has four of her YA novels being made into movies.

Exhibiting Moxie

Colgate alumni who work in museums are challenging expectations.
Illustration by Katie Bray McGhee ’20

I Spy

Number 13, Maxwells candy, Emrys the dog, a “Slices Come Plain Only” T-shirt. These and other iconic symbols of Colgate and its environs are integrated into th...