When Jim Tevebaugh ’61 began his drawings of Colgate, he strove to capture the spirit of the campus. He sketched a view of Memorial Chapel, a montage of academic buildings (above), and a landscape of Case Library framed by oak trees. 

During the Bicentennial All-Class Reunion in June, he presented President Brian W. Casey with the original artwork as a gift to the University from the Class of 1961. “I knew this contribution had to be something unique,” says Tevebaugh, who credits his Colgate fine arts degree with strengthening his vision. 

 Tevebaugh produced a customized, limited-edition series of 1,961 prints of the three drawings of campus. Proceeds of the prints are all directed to the University, intended to be used for future advancement, sponsorship, and stewardship. The bookstore also sells sets of the drawings, with funds transferred to the Class of 1961 Endowed Scholarship.

“This is my way of giving back to our incredible community,” says Tevebaugh, a retired architect. “I hope these drawings serve as a reminder of the beauty of our institution.” 

Noting the inspiration and enthusiasm he feels each time he returns to Colgate, Tevebaugh says: “This place always presents a bit of magic.”

Note: the illustration embedded above has been reformatted for ease of use online. View a high-fidelity version of Tevebaugh’s illustration here.