ABOVE: Sam Belkin ’10 (standing third from left) is on a mission to hike all of the Colorado mountains higher than 14,000 feet. She recently completed her 13th 14er with a group of six other Colgate friends: Will Roper ’13, Andrew Palmer ’12, Corey Fitzgerald ’13, Amanda Zranchev ’12, Alex Boyce ’11, and Laura James Willis ’11.

BELOW: Thirteen men with 13 coats and 13 pairs of snowshoes. When 12 students approached Ron Hoham, professor of biology emeritus, about leading a snowshoe trip, he couldn’t say no to a trek through the hills of Hamilton. Hoham, an experienced winter walker, previously taught a class on snowshoeing and winter plant identifications at Colgate.

Line of students in snowshoeing gear

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