Letters to the Editor

Winter 2023

Love for Langel

In response to Colgate Magazine’s autumn ’22 cover: 

Coach [Matt] Langel is a phenomenal leader and mentor. Someone who cares deeply about basketball, but also deeply about the Colgate players and community. We hit the jackpot no doubt! #GoGate
Austin Tillotson ’16

The players not only play with passion, but with Coach Langel they now seem to have greater confidence that they can win, and it shows in the results. Another win at ’Cuse is gravy. 
Larry Trink ’77

Extraordinary coach and leader. And an amazing ambassador for the school — well beyond basketball. Such well-deserved recognition!
Peter Farnsworth ’92

Matt has accomplished this with great personal belief in his system, hiring great assistant coaches and relying upon them, and recruiting and supporting players who buy into the system. Colgate is so fortunate to have him as he has both restored pride in the program and led it to unparalleled success.
John McGrath ’72

The Legendary Doc Miller

Doctor Merrill Miller was recently honored as a Colgate trailblazer, in honor of the 50th anniversary of women’s sports. Online, the Colgate community remembered how they’ve benefited from her support:  

A great doctor and person! So kind, dedicated, and helpful to me and my husband [Karl Blumenberg ’84, football player], my lacrosse player son, and daughter during our time there. Dr. Miller is a treasure to Colgate!
Carole Stockmon ’84 Blumenberg

Thanks for being great, Dr. Miller! 
Kimberly A. Sass ’12

Doc is simply the best doctor and human! Colgate would never be the same without her!
Pilar Mejía-Barrera, senior lecturer in Spanish

She stitched me up during halftime of our Patriot League Championship game against Navy so I could finish out the game. No scar! And we went on to win. Truly one of the best!
Sarah (Mirza) ’01 Kehrt

Thank you, Dr. Miller, for your early and continuing support of Colgate women’s ice hockey. 
Madeline Bayliss ’76

What a tremendous career, Dr. Miller! Thanks for helping me stay on the field during my Colgate years. 
Steve Calabria ’85

One of my favorite people.
Patrick Doyle ’90

Dr. Miller is foundational to every student-athlete’s success at Colgate, directly or indirectly. She is undeniably gifted in her craft and fostering a safe, positive environment for health. No words to capture the gratitude that I and thousands of others have to this day for her dedication (and fantastic sense of humor!).
Courtney O’Connell ’13 

It was nice to have a woman in this role at Colgate. I think she was also a small gift to me getting introduced to my eventual husband at Colgate. We both had slight injuries at the same time. LOL. Little angel wings. 
Sheila (Marino) Gill ’85

Doc Miller was a significant part of our team and shared in our successes. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition. Thank you for taking such good care of us!
Bill Cullen ’84

Dr. Miller is an absolute legend amongst our student population! She took care of me and some of my teammates when illnesses were spreading around campus to get us back on the field not only quickly but also in full health!
Patrick Letourneau ’13 

She truly is an extraordinary woman. Loved her when I was there. 
Christina (Weinwurm) ’99 Anderson

Field Hockey Flashback

A photo of women’s field hockey in the 1970s appeared in the autumn ’22 issue. A reader identified the players: Lynne Wertz ’81 is in the center, taking the penalty shot; Martha Kurtz ’80 is the goalie; Cindy Petty ’81 is on the far right; and Sandy Jackson ’81 is standing in the center behind Wertz.

A Force

I was associated with The Media Unit for a number of years. Walt [Shepperd ’62, “In Tribute,” summer 2022] was a force of nature. He could be cranky, loving, and supportive all at the same time. He will be missed.
Kevin Sio ’73

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