Three a cappella groups hit the road — and the skies — for their annual January Tour.

The Colgate Thirteen’s two-and-a-half-weeklong tour traversed both coasts. Steven Bosak ’90 and Scott Williams ’80 hosted the men in Washington, D.C., while they performed at retirement homes, private schools, and an alumni event.

The group also met with former Thirteener Antonio Delgado ’99, who had just entered the House of Representatives as the congressman for New York’s 19th Congressional District. “He was a kind and charismatic person, fielding everything we asked — from questions about his political career to his Colgate basketball years,” says Drew O’Hara ’19, the Colgate Thirteen president.

On the West Coast, the Thirteen sang the National Anthem at a Golden State Warriors game, which was partially organized by retired Warriors center Adonal Foyle ’97. They also sang on the TV shows Top30 and Good Day L.A., thanks to media executive Stephen Brown ’81.

The Swinging ’Gates started their weeklong tour in San Francisco. They performed at several school events, including Stanford University’s Aca-Palooza with other college groups.

Later, Swinging ’Gates alumnae Leslie Anglada ’87, Melissa Kepner ’88, and Christy Remey Chin ’91 co-hosted an alumni event with the Colgate Thirteen at the St. Francis Yacht Club. The two groups performed, mingled with the more than 130 alumni present, and sang “1819” together as the finale.

The all-female group spent their last two days in Seattle, Wash., where they met ’Gates alumna and Expedia talent adviser Pam Policastri ’93 at the company headquarters. After the ’Gates sang, Policastri performed travel-themed songs with her Expedia a cappella group.

The Resolutions spent more than a week singing in Washington, D.C., Connecticut, Boston, and New York. One standout location was 8 Hands Farm, a sustainable farm owned by the family of Resolutions member Olivia Geppel ’22. “We performed in their homey store and spent time with sheep and piglets,” says Michael Garfagnoli ’19, Resolutions president.

From exploring cities to charming rural locations, all three a cappella groups enjoyed spending time with each other, notable alumni, and eager audiences across the country.