13 Bits of Colgate News

Autumn 2018

This fall’s Living Writers course lineup includes, a MacArthur fellow, poet punk laureate Patti Smith, and Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners.


Cool beans: Coldgate cold brew coffee is one of many beverage choices served by FoJo Beans artisan coffee roasters, a new Hamilton establishment.

illustration of coffee with sugar cubes


Lights, Camera, Action… Film and Media Studies is now officially the university’s 56th major.


In a recent survey of 1,244 colleges nationwide, Colgate ranks in the top 10 schools that offer the most generous financial aid.


More than 13,000 people have watched the Bicentennial video pinned on top of Colgate’s Facebook page. Are you one of them?


Forgeries, fakes, and fraud: A raid on an Italian mob reveals replicated artifacts were likely sold to scholarly institutions. The impact could be “convulsive,” art and art history professor Elizabeth Marlowe told the media.

illustration of Mona Lisa with fake nose


The Thought Into Action entrepreneurship program is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Mentors have devoted more than 23,000 hours toward supporting student projects.


Immigration on balance is good.” In a recent Reuters article, Associate Professor of Economics Chad Sparber reminds us to consider all perspectives when discussing immigration.


All roads point to Texas: Colton Point ’20 gets acclimated to life in the Lone Star State as the newest professional goalie for the NHL’s Dallas Stars.

illustration of hockey goalie


The Class of 1965 Arena was featured in Athleticbusiness.com for its architectural and design focus on the history of the athletics department.


Reducing, reusing, and recycling will be pushed even further: NYSAR3 awarded Colgate a $2,500 sustainability grant.


That’s a wrap! Art and art history professor Penny Lane received the Vanguard Award at San Francisco Documentary Film Festival.


Colgate and its Keck astronomy consortium partners are the first liberal arts institutions admitted to AURA, the association managing Hubble and Webb telescope missions.

illustration of telescope with planets