On Brand

Winter 2021

Today’s Colgate Raiders are guardians of the gate, in every field, every arena. Their determination comes from deep inside, and the University’s new athletics identity comes from longstanding tradition.

The new athletics C was inspired by the University’s mark, featured on a track and field jersey found in the 1904 Salmagundi. The shield reinforces the connection between athletics and academics, reflecting the icons that sport the University’s motto and depict Colgate’s Residential Commons. The shield functions both as a primary mark and as an apostrophe on the celebratory ’gate (which has a tilt of 13 degrees). It appears as a badge on Colgate’s new uniforms, with 13 stripes that recall the University’s 13 founders with 13 dollars and 13 prayers. The grit that makes Raiders great has a place as a background texture. (Some will also see the Chenango Valley snowfall that makes rivals shiver with fear.) A new font, Colgate Sporty, rounds out the identity, producing a look and feel born from Colgate DNA: thoughtful, driven, enthusiastic, cohesive, and bold — like this inclusive community of competitive excellence.