In the Media

Winter 2020

“I think it is important to be critical of the language of illegality, which ascribes a problematic agency to undocumented migrants, thereby masking the structural factor that both creates the condition of illegality and forces certain migrants to move.”

Ryan Solomon, professor of writing and rhetoric, in Daily Maverick on civil society’s response to xenophobic violence in South Africa

“Low-income communities are heating up faster at the neighborhood level than upscale communities, often because it has to do with less vegetation, trees, and gardens.”

Assistant Professor Andrew Pattison, in Montgomery Advertiser, on the relationship between rising temperatures and increasing public health issues 

“When we aggregate at the national level, inflows of foreign STEM workers explain between 30% and 50% of the aggregate productivity growth that took place in the United States between 1990 and 2010.”

Economics professor Chad Sparber, in Forbes, on the ways in which high-skilled foreign nationals on H-1B temporary visas contribute to America’s productivity 

“As the sky was a bright, misty white toned to a muted sepia by the rising sun, I focused on capturing the contrast of the golden leaves of the trees standing out from the hazy surroundings.”

—Chris Hirt ’22 describes to Landscape Photography Magazine his published photograph, which he took on Colgate’s campus