If you type “biohacking” into your search bar, you’ll get results ranging from humans turning into cyborgs to do-it-yourself biology. Tommy Cassano ’06 is here to dispel that science fiction. “People think it’s like you’re doing some crazy laser stuff, like injecting yourself with plasma,” the combined biohacking researcher, health advocate, and physical trainer says. Instead, it’s taking a holistic look at the body, and then organizing a health plan around an individual’s needs. “All parts equal the whole.”

Through his online Dedicated Detox and in-person executive wellness coaching, Cassano creates comprehensive guides centered on individualized health. “I’m really focused on endogenous biohacking — fasting, using zen and transcendental meditation, breathing techniques,” says Cassano, whose clients include Maria Sharapova, Olympic swimmer Rebecca Soni, NBA players, and CEOs.

Cassano himself played football at Colgate and now uses his economics degree to run his Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based business.

Here’s his advice on ways to biohack your health:


Drink up

“We’re chronically dehydrated. Whatever you think you do in regards to drinking enough water, you don’t. Drink clean sourced water — choosing glass bottles, filtration systems, or delivery services to limit exposure to toxins, such as fluoride, chlorine, and lead — half your body weight in ounces minimum, daily.”


Practice intermittent fasting

“Fasting is one of the greatest essential tools you can do for optimizing your body’s longevity and health.”


Take time for reflection

“We’re all sleep deprived roughly two years. By meditating a minimum of eight minutes, we’re slowly capturing those hours back.”


Lay off the java

“Every couple months, you should take two weeks off of coffee to reset your adrenals. There are great substitutes like herbal mate and matcha tea that don’t have the jittery effects that coffee does.”


Hit the lights

“No electronics an hour before bed, and you have to have a pitch-black room. When we close our eyes, they’re drawn to LED and blue lights that are on your alarm clock, computer, or TV. Our eyes are closed, but our neurons in our brain are still drawn to them; it affects our sleep and suppresses our melatonin leading to sleep irregularity.”


Go barefoot

“Put your feet in the ground, earthing five minutes daily. Connecting yourself with the natural electrons of the earth is proven to reduce inflammation, increase energy, and improve sleep.”