The Revolutions per Minute (RPM) sound art exhibition wraps up tonight with student projects to be displayed from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the former Crowe’s Pharmacy in the village of Hamilton.

“[It’s meant to] allow everyone to listen to how others interpreted the sound art, how they experienced this exhibit and created their own work,” said Wenhua Shi, assistant professor of art and art history at Colgate, who co-curated the exhibition with  Dajuin Yao, artist and director of Open Media Lab at the China Academy of Art.

RPM was the world-premiere survey exhibition of Chinese sound art that featured the works of more than 30 artists.

The exhibition opened March 26 with four days of events including live audio-visual performances, a show at the Ho Tung Visualization Lab, a discussion panel, and workshops. Yao and five of the artists came to campus to lead the workshops and to perform.

Shi and Yao shouldered the Herculean task of installing all 35 pieces. The majority were located on the second floor of Little Hall, but others were in unexpected places like the underground tunnel between Olin Hall and the Ho Science Center as well as outdoor spots.

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