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Professor and chaplain Coleman Brown, a trusted moral voice on campus, passes away

December 17, 2014
Coleman Brown

Coleman Barr Brown

Coleman Barr Brown, professor of philosophy and religion and university chaplain, emeritus, died December 14 at the age of 80.

Brown joined the Colgate faculty in 1970 as an instructor in philosophy and religion.  He also served as university chaplain from 1974 to 1989, when he turned to full-time teaching, and assumed the responsibilities of his new appointment as associate professor for the study of education and ethics.
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Professor Aveni co-hosts Stones and Stars symposium

December 17, 2014

Professor Anthony Aveni recently co-hosted a symposium on Native American ceremonial stone landscapes.

Using the night sky to explain the culture of different societies is a practice familiar to Professor Anthony Aveni. In early December, the distinguished astronomy and anthropology professor co-hosted a symposium intended to spark a dialogue about Native American sacred sites and exploring their connections to cosmic events. Read more

A step forward for dance at Colgate

December 16, 2014
Colgate Professor Tanya Calamoneri dances during one of her classes

Professor Tanya Calamoneri leads a contemporary dance class. Photo by Andrew Daddio

You wouldn’t expect to walk into a dance class and see 14 men and only two women. But that’s the makeup of Professor Tanya Calamoneri’s Dance Imagery and Improvisation course. Read more

Colgate faculty ‘Yak Back’

December 12, 2014

To quote a recent post on Yik Yak, the notoriously negative mobile application, “Professors have been successfully re-introduced into the Yak environment [and] the ecological consequences should be fascinating.”

Indeed they are.

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Hope for Colgate’s future is key message at candlelight service

December 11, 2014
President Herbst at candlelight service

President Jeffrey Herbst speaks at the candlelight service in Memorial Chapel. (Photo by Dylan Crouse ’15) SEE MORE PHOTOS

Last night’s Candlelight Service of Reconciliation in Memorial Chapel was as hopeful as it was poignant, capping off a turbulent semester that many believe will make Colgate a more inclusive, safe, and respectful community.

The candle-lit event was pitch perfect, from the opening chords of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” to the Colgate Resolutions’ harmonious rendition of Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes.”

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Professor Jason Meyers teaches biology course as part of college-in-prison program

December 11, 2014

A microscope, test tubes, and dissected organs — these aren’t typically found in a prison. But, when Colgate professor Jason Meyers signed on to teach a biology course at a local correctional facility, these learning materials made their way into a rather unlikely classroom. Read more

Event today at 5 p.m.: Our Hopes for Colgate: A Candlelight Service of Reconciliation

December 10, 2014

The image is an invite to the Candlelight Chapel event at 5:00pm on Wednesday December 10th

Today at 5 p.m., members of the Colgate community will come together at Memorial Chapel for a service that is intended to reaffirm Colgate’s hopes for a future in which all community members feel safe and welcome to express themselves freely and openly. The event is co-sponsored by the Office of the President and the Office of the Chaplains.

There will be remarks from speakers including Drea Finley ’13, professors Kezia Page and Frank Frey, University Chaplain Mark Shiner, President Jeffrey Herbst, Provost and Dean of the Faculty Doug Hicks, and Dean of the College Suzy Nelson. Students including Charity Whyte ’16 and Sarah Rende ’15 also will share their thoughts, and students will perform musical interludes. The program also offers moments for reflection.

“At Colgate and across the country, issues of race and class are confronting us all,” said Shiner. “We have suffered anger, sadness, and frustration, and as the semester comes to a close, I hope we all will benefit from a moment of healing. After all, Colgate is our home.”

Professor-student team discuss preliminary research findings on eating local

December 8, 2014
Colgate professors and students

Sarah DeFalco ’15, Professor Christopher Henke, Stephanie Chen ’16, and Professor April Baptiste

Turns out, it’s more affordable than you would think to be a “locavore” (eating locally produced food), at least in Madison County. This observation is based on preliminary research findings by Professor Christopher Henke, Professor April Baptiste, Stephanie Chen ’16, and Sarah DeFalco ’15.

The group gave a presentation titled “Can Everyone Be a Locavore? Food Access for Low-Income Residents of Madison County” at the Hamilton Public Library on Tuesday, November 18.

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Professor Peter Balakian takes part in cultural exchange about Armenian genocide

December 5, 2014

Colgate Professor Peter Balakian recently joined four other American writers on a U.S. State Department-sponsored trip to Istanbul, Turkey, and Yerevan, Armenia.

The trip, part of the University of Iowa International Writers Program, was a cultural exchange designed to encourage dialogue between the two countries as the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide draws near.

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Managing university’s forests is another key piece of carbon-neutrality goal

December 3, 2014
Colgate campus

Colgate manages 1,059 acres of forested land in addition to the trees on campus.

It’s not news that Colgate is committed to sustainability, but it might be surprising to hear that, unlike many other higher education institutions, Colgate has launched management practices for its on- and off-campus forests to reduce the university’s carbon footprint, another important step toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2019.

“Most campuses are completely ignoring their forests, and don’t count them at all in the analysis of their carbon footprints,” explained John Pumilio, Colgate’s director of sustainability. “We can’t get through this climate crisis, as a country or as a planet, without preserving and properly managing our forests.”

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Colgate Thirteen to perform at Radio City Christmas Spectacular

November 30, 2014
Colgate Thirteen

The Colgate Thirteen perform at Memorial Chapel. (Photo by Janna Minehart)

Christmas is coming early this year for Colgate Thirteen fans.

The a cappella crew is pleased to announce that it will kick off the 2014 Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York City on Friday, December 12, taking the stage at 9:10 p.m. — just before the curtain rises on the Rockettes at 9:30 p.m.

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Raider says Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Athletics director Victoria Chun ’91 MA ’94 writes op-ed on head injuries in sports

November 26, 2014
President Jeffrey Herbst speaks to members of the football team.

President Jeffrey Herbst (center) speaks to members of the Colgate football team. At right is head coach Dan Hunt.

Colgate recently released a practice protocol designed to limit head injuries in sports.

Expanding on the idea, athletics director Victoria Chun ’91 MA ’94 wrote an op-ed called “There Is No Neat Solution For Head Injuries in Sport” for the Huffington Post. Read more

Professor Mary Moran facilitates anthropological conference on Ebola

November 25, 2014
Colgate University Professor Mary Moran

Mary Moran, the 2014 AAUP Professor of the Year, recently helped organize an anthropology conference on Ebola in Washington. She’s pictured here speaking last year at an event for Colgate’s Model African Union — another arena in which Moran lends her expertise. Photo by DeCarlo Brown

In light of the Ebola outbreak that spiked last summer, Professor Mary Moran and more than 20 other anthropologists recently met with policy makers in Washington, D.C., to advise organizations assisting with containment efforts. Read more

Phones beat drones in PCON war-game simulation

November 24, 2014
Jacob Stoil finishes explaining the rules of engagement to the teams

Jacob Stoil explains the rules of engagement to the red team at a PCON war-game simulation. (Photo by Karen Harpp)

Two teams of students, one armed with phones and the other commanding flying drones, squared off in a simulated strategic battle of quick thinking versus in-depth planning and technology at the Colgate Bewkes Center, a space designed for science and study.

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Professor DeWitt Godfrey’s giant sculpture Odin fuses arts and sciences

November 21, 2014
A Colgate alum stands on scafolding during the construction of Professor DeWitt Godfrey's newest sculpture, Odin.

Chase Jackson ’13 stands atop scaffolding during the installation of DeWitt Godfrey’s Odin. (Photo by DeWitt Godfrey)

A confluence of art, engineering, and mathematics led to the creation of Colgate Professor DeWitt Godfrey’s latest sculpture, Odin, a giant steel structure now nestled in the courtyard between Olin Hall and the Robert H.N. Ho Science Center.

The sculpture shares a name with the ruler of Norse gods for a reason. Godfrey’s Odin weighs in at 13 tons, was cut from 38,000 pounds of steel, is 40-feet in diameter, and is composed of 240 unique conic sections, called frustums, held together at 2,500 individual points.

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Seeing the Beast plays with relationship between humans and deer

November 21, 2014
Colgate University Seeing the Beast play

Colgate University Theater performed Seeing the Beast (photo by Gerard Gaskin)

Last weekend, University Theater presented Seeing the Beast, an experimental play that was part TEDtalk, part fairytale, and part nature documentary.

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Student bystander training helps prevent sexual assault

November 19, 2014

Seated in a semi-circle, students in a recent Bystander Intervention training session took turns stating the reasons they were there. Some wanted to be better informed for their work building awareness about sexual and relationship violence. One student was trying to make sense of a personal situation. A few others said they simply wanted to be better community members.

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Google’s Debra LoCastro ’05 explains why tech firms value Colgate degrees

November 18, 2014

(Editor’s Note: Colgate has a professional network committed to helping students and alumni discover careers in the digital media and technology fields.)

In her eight years with GoogleDebra LoCastro ’05 has risen from sales associate to university programs lead. She manages the student outreach team, helping students learn about career opportunities at Google.

She recently visited Colgate for a series of workshops and networking sessions with students. She took a moment to share her ideas on how the tech world, and companies like Google, find value in liberal arts degrees, like those offered at Colgate. Read more

Professors lead discussion to promote self-care at Women’s Studies Center

November 17, 2014

I know we’re all thinking the same thing. One more week until Thanksgiving recess. One more week until we can head home, eat turkey, and watch football.

But while you’re cramming for your last exam before break, or working on that 10-page Shakespeare paper due the day you get back from break like I will be this week, here are some events you don’t want to miss before catching up on some much needed sleep.

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Institute of International Education ranks Colgate No. 1 for semester-long study abroad

November 17, 2014

The Institute of International Education (IIE) released its Open Doors 2014 data today, and Colgate has again risen on two important lists representing the number of students studying abroad. This news is most welcome as President Jeffrey Herbst and Provost and Dean of the Faculty Douglas Hicks have made study abroad one of several priorities related to globalizing Colgate.

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German Club creates Berlin Wall remembrance

November 17, 2014
Two students examine a commemorative Berlin Wall in Lawrence Hall at Colgate University

German Club members Rachel Ernst ’16, of New York City (left), and Sarah Gorayeb ’15, of Morristown, N.J., read writing on a commemorative Berlin Wall.

A symbolic Berlin Wall, set up by the Colgate German Club in the foyer of Lawrence Hall, commemorates the 25th anniversary of the November 9, 1989, conclusion of the separation between East and West Berlin.

Spray-painted with the German words, Kein Ausgang, meaning no exit, and the opposition statement, Wir Sind Ein Volk, meaning, we are one people, students passing by the wall were welcomed to add their own graffiti, as was common on the west side of the actual barrier.

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Longyear Museum presents exhibition featuring Native American baskets

November 12, 2014

The Longyear Museum of Anthropology will celebrate the opening of the exhibition Weaving Identities: Native American Baskets in the Longyear Museum Collection with a reception on Thursday, November 13, from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. The reception will feature a Q&A by 15 students who researched the baskets as a project for the course Native Art of North America.

Basket weaving is an ancient Native American art, which has been practiced continuously over millennia and has developed various regional distinctions based on materials, form, and technique.

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Video: Colgate honors veterans and all those who support them

November 11, 2014

This Veterans Day, Colgate is paying tribute to the men and women of America’s armed forces.

The university wants to thank alumni, parents, and current students who have served their country — and the numerous alumni who work on behalf of veterans, helping them transition back to civilian life.

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Colgate basketball legend Ernie Vandeweghe ’49 dies at age 86

November 10, 2014
Ernie Vandeweghe '49

Ernie Vandeweghe ’49 was Colgate’s first All-America basketball player.

Ernie Vandeweghe ’49, one of the Mount Rushmore figures of Colgate athletics and the school’s first All-America basketball player, died Saturday. He was 86.

Vandeweghe was named to All-America squads in 1947, 1948 and 1949 after setting Colgate scoring records for a game (35), season (397) and career (1,404). He was MVP as a freshman of the 1946 East-West All-Star Game at Madison Square Garden, and then played in the same classic again in 1949.

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