Winter 2020

Colgate University faculty members are seekers. They look for answers to complex questions in unexpected places and in novel ways.

In the winter edition of Colgate Research, you will find the University’s professors exploring the past — Nazi Germany through dissenting labor unions and colonization through the five senses. You will see them using photons to discern diseases of the mind, social sciences to examine professional hockey recruitment, and the comedy of Marc Maron to illuminate human emotionality.

Through this publication, we invite you to join the expedition. Share in the intellectual rigor, energy, passion, and creativity that engenders a distinctively Colgate approach to research.

Tracey E. Hucks
Provost and Dean of the Faculty
James A. Storing Professor of Religion and Africana & Latin American Studies

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La Borinqueña transforms from grad student to superhero

Heroic Effort

In a paper published in the latest edition of Studies in Comics, Assistant Professor Paul Humphrey traces the ways that American comics have depicted characters from Afro-Caribbean identities and religions.
Dirt road in a Colombian landscape at sunrise with fog between the mountains in the background.

Land Laundering on Narco-Frontiers

By combining academic ethnography with techniques from his earlier career as an investigative journalist, Ballvé believes we can see through such deceptions—as well as false perceptions--to help restore faith in governance in post-conflict places like rural Colombia.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the garden of the Presidential villa during the Casablanca Conference

When Allies Lie

In a recent paper, written with Jonathan Brown of Sam Houston State University and Alex Farrington of the University of Oregon, Professor Danielle Lupton explores why countries may want to intentionally fool their friends.