Summer 2019

In the summer issue of Colgate Research, we present work that informs new literature, computer power consumption, and the ways in which allies interact over issues of national security. We look at governance in post-conflict regions and the understanding of silent film as an early 20th-century artform.

Whether the research is conducted in labs on campus or in archives on the other side of the globe, these acts of discovery allow Colgate scholars to engage with the world. Long after professors return to the classroom, the ideas they have pursued continue to provoke debate and discussion. Their insights guide decision making and set the stage for additional investigation. With each paper published, this institution further establishes its place amidst the churn of ideas that make academia an imperative element in the advancement of society.

Here, we publish more than engaging stories. We offer evidence of Colgate’s reach and impact. Enjoy.

Tracey E. Hucks
Provost and Dean of the Faculty
James A. Storing Professor of Religion and Africana & Latin American Studies

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