Spring 2016

From jazz to punk rock, Huntington Gym to Starr Rink, Colgate has hosted a surprising number of legendary musicians. Aretha Franklin’s recent concert inspired us to take a look back.

Credit for archive images: Special Collections and University Archives




10 Responses

    • Debbie Rhyde

      I remember seeing Sly and the Family Stone in Starr Rink in the 70’s.

  1. Rick Berger

    The Library should have copies of both shows like Vaughn and Marley as well as student bands Royal Nonesuch and Bad Son.

  2. Kris DiLorenzo

    How could you forget The Kinks? 1974, Preservation show debut.

  3. David Behler

    I will never forget hitchhiking from Ithaca back home to Hamilton on Halloween ’79 to see Bob Marley and the Wailers (& the I-Threes)perform in Cotterell(sp?) Court. They shared their deep musical message of Rastafarian love, peace, and justice with everyone. Within a week or so, they performed in NYC, and years later, I got the DVD from those NYC concerts. He was a chosen one, a special artist, humanitarian, a Natural Mystic.

  4. Paul Nelson

    There are two memorable ones from my time at Colgate: Nina Simone (complete with horrible attitude) in the Chapel circa 1964 and the wonderful combination, possibly in the same year, Bo Diddley and Dionne Warwick in Huntington Gym.