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Work & Play

Winter 2018: Benton Hall construction progresses; Petraeus addresses Family Weekend; Ronan Farrow talks investigative journalism; students learn Bolivian music styles; and more!
Photo GallerySpring 2015

Snow smiles

Smiles in the snow: Zach Harris ’18 (left), Kaitlin Abrams ’18, and Connor Dufort ’17 hiked Rooster Comb Mountain in the Adirondacks. All three will graduate from the OE training program this spring. (Photo by senior Outdoor Education trainer Ben Cook ’15)
Photo GalleryWinter 2015

Frost over Payne Creek

What causes the gorgeous frost we often see clinging to low-hanging tree branches along Payne Creek in winter? We asked Professor Adam Burnett, who studies climatology and geography. Called the Bergeron Process, it’s the same thing that occurs when snow forms in clouds. The warmer water evaporates and saturates the colder air, and the condensation deposits as ice. Isn’t science beautiful? Photo by Andrew Daddio