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Back on CampusSpring 2018

Back on Campus

In her research, biochemist Krystle McLaughlin '06 searches for new ways of combating disease using, as her name suggests, crystals. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, she's also an advocate for women and people of color in science.
AlumniPeopleWinter 2016

SUNY Geneseo’s 13th president

Growing up, Denise Battles ’85 relished collecting rock samples from the shoreline of Lake Ontario. That pastime laid the foundation for her academic journey, which has recently returned her to the Great Lakes region as SUNY Geneseo’s 13th president.
AlumniPeopleSpring 2015


When Stephanie Wortel ’06 asked a group of middle schoolers to draw a scientist, they mostly depicted old white men with kooky hair and lab coats. Wortel certainly didn’t see herself, or more importantly the children, represented in the drawings.