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Photo GallerySpring 2015

It’s all Greek

As Apollo looks on, Seth Holm, a visiting assistant professor of the classics, engages with a student during his Elementary Classical Greek II course, taught in the W.H. Gifford Classics Center in Lawrence Hall. (Photo by Andrew M. Daddio)
Autumn 2014Photo Gallery

Frequencies are fascinating fun

Frequencies are fascinating fun. Professor Beth Parks helps Peter Juviler ’15 and Jodi Forward ’15 tee up an oscilloscope to measure the frequencies of musical notes rung on tuning forks for Physics 112 lab. (Photo by Andrew Daddio)
Photo GallerySpring 2014

“Misha na stule.”

Photo: “Misha na stule.” (“Misha is on the chair.”): Geography professor Michael Loranty sits up for a lesson in prepositions in first-year Russian with Professor Ian Helfant (right). Loranty audited the course because he researches eco-hydrology in Siberia. (Photo by Andrew Daddio)
Photo GallerySpring 2014

Keck Center

Photo: Appreciating Arabic during Professor Nady Abdal-Ghaffar’s class in the W.M. Keck Humanities Resource Center. (Photo by Ashlee Eve ’14)