Colgate Love Stories

Winter 2018
Brittany Emens '04 and Hunter Strupp '05 in New Orleans

Brittany Emens ’04 and Hunter Strupp ’05

On move-in day in 2000, Hunter Strupp ’05 was paging through the Incunabulum (Inky), looking for people he might know or have something in common with. He is from Bronxville, N.Y., but his mother had recently moved to Park City, Utah, so his father suggested he look for people from Utah as well. I was the only person in my class from Utah (also Park City), so he found my Inky picture and contact information. We missed each other on move-in day because I had moved in early for cheerleading preseason.

However, about a week later, he spotted me in the lobby of Curtis Hall (where we both lived our first year) and introduced himself. I was nervous about this stranger who already seemed to know who I was, but we discovered that we lived on the same floor, just a few doors apart, and we eventually became friends. As it turned out, we lived in the same Park City neighborhood, on connecting streets. I lived at the top of the mountain, and he lived at the base of the mountain. I actually remember when his family moved in: I brought his mother a welcome package of homemade cookies. (He wasn’t home at the time.) We even had Utah friends in common. And still, we had not met before Colgate.

Thanks to a quick page through the Inky, after our first year together at Colgate, we both went home to Park City and had our first date on the Fourth of July. Seven years later, on the Fourth of July, he proposed to me in Letchworth Park in upstate New York.

More than 15 years later, we are still together and have Colgate to thank for introducing us. My only regret is that neither of us kept a copy of that Inky!

Brittany Emens '04 Incunabulum pictureHunter Strupp '05 Incunabulum picture

— Brittany Emens ’04 (and Hunter Strupp ’05)