Marriages, Births, and In Memoriam

Spring 2017

Marriages & Unions

(2016 unless otherwise noted)

Wedding photo of Bob ’75 and Robin (Goldin) Como ’75

Click to read the Colgate love story of Bob ’75 and Robin (Goldin) Como ’75.

Hanna Kinne ’03 and Jay Duguay, July 9

Stacy Groll ’04 and Alex Guffanti, February 27

Christopher Jenkins ’05 and Kristin Coomber ’06, June 23

Vanessa Jones ’05 and Jason Nedrick, Aug. 30, 2015

Cailyn Reilly ’07 and Terrence Knapp, May 14

Sayrona Lee ’08 and Joseph Gifford, Nov. 5, 2015

Lauren Cohen ’09 and Brett Prescott, Aug. 1, 2015

Jeremy Levine ’09 and Elizabeth Fife, November 19

Kathryn-Louise Meng ’09 and Arthur Elmes, July 3

Samuel Daly ’10 and Lindsey Simpson ’10, August 13

Christine Gifford ’10 and Benjamin Spear, August 20

Ross Secler ’10 and Suzanne Horseman, November 19

Births & Adoptions

(2016 unless otherwise noted)

To Douglas ’00 and Melanie Ng ’99 Schrank: Vivian Grace, October 28, joining Colton, Isabel, and Oakley

To Jesse ’01 and Elizabeth (Reed) ’02 Young: Gabriel Lawrence, May 24, joining Caroline and William

To Hanna Kinne ’03 and Jay Duguay: Camille Elizabeth, Oct. 17, 2015

To Douglas ’04 and Jill Moore ’04 Bouquard: Grace Alexandra and Emily Stella

To John and Alexis (Grant) ’04 Guinan: Margot, July 8

To Yoree Koh ’04: Ko, November 1

To Ankica Pogorzelski ’04 Koldzic: Roksanda, October 18

To Alex Reed ’04 and Katie: Genevieve “Evie,” November 23

To Cameron ’04 and Corinne (Desjardins) ’04 White: Michael Hamilton, July 9

To Joy Carandang ’06 and Michael Tavani: Nico Manuel, September

To Joshua and Alisa Levine ’06 Barbash: Jonah Micah, September 7

To Brian ’06 and Megan (Sobel) ’06 Yellin: Eliana Hazel, July 22

To Jake Kleinmahon ’07 and Thomas: Isabel Alice Kleinmahon, September 18

To David and Becky Lynch ’07 Gardella: Olivia Anne, September 19

To Matthew Mills ’07 and Shea: Gemma, November 5

To Brian and Kelly Dolan ’08 Saverino: Brielle Kacey, February 3

To Jarrod and Mary O’Neil ’08 Williams: Lyra Mackenzie, October 31

In Memoriam

The Scene runs deceased notices on all alumni, current and former faculty members, honorary degree recipients, and staff members and others who the editors determine would be well known to alumni.

Elmer T Nelson ’41, November 7, 2016. Phi Kappa Tau, marching band, orchestra. US Air Force. After graduation, Nelson became a flying instructor and, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, moved to South Carolina to train aviation cadets in the Air Force. Upon his discharge from active duty in 1946, he returned to his hometown of Hyde Park, N.Y., to take up the family business, Vail and Sutton Insurance. He retired as president in 1982. He was predeceased by his wife, Hannah “Pete,” and is survived by 2 sons, 3 grandsons, and 3 great-grandchildren.

James G Gates ’45, October 11, 2016. Beta Theta Pi, University Chorus, tennis. US Naval Reserves. He spent more than 4 decades with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, retiring in 1988 from his position of assistant to the VP. He was predeceased by his wife, Mary, and is survived by their 2 children.

Edward G O’Neill ’47, August 8, 2014. Newman Club, Psychology Club, Sociology Club. US Marine Corps. Following his military service, he became the division comptroller for Procter and Gamble. In 1971, he was appointed chairman of the Financial Management Committee of the Association of National Advertisers. He was predeceased by his wife, Mary, and is survived by 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

Donald B Whiting ’47, October 25, 2016. US Army, 3 bronze stars. He was a lifetime member of the Skaneateles Fire Department. He was predeceased by his wife, Catherine, and is survived by 4 children, 3 grandchildren, and his great-granddaughter.

Robert J Fischer ’49, October 16, 2016. Phi Delta Theta, Konosioni, debate, soccer, track. US Marine Corp. University of Pennsylvania: DDS ’54. He practiced oral surgery in Trenton, NJ, for 35 years, serving on the staff of Mercer Medical Center, Princeton Hospital, and the former Trenton Psychiatric Hospital. He was on the board of Mercer Hospital from 1987 to 1993. He was predeceased by his wife, Patricia, and is survived by 2 children, 8 grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter.

Rev Robert E Kyser ’49, December 25, 2015. Sigma Chi, Colgate Thirteen, University Chorus, Pep Band. McCormick Theological Seminary: BD, 1953. He was the pastor of several Presbyterian churches in the state of Michigan. He is survived by his wife, Audrey, and their 6 children.

Robert G Magee ’49, June 13, 2016. Sigma Chi. US Army Air Force, WWII. He had a sales career and worked for Johns Manville before retiring. He is survived by his wife, Marjorie, and 3 children.

William E Williamson ’49, July 3, 2013. Phi Delta Theta, Maroon, debate, soccer. US Army, Korean War, Bronze Star. Fordham Law: LLB, 1951. He was a practicing attorney in Hauppauge, NY. He was predeceased by his wife, June.

Paul E Mulligan ’50, November 23, 2016. Theta Chi, football, track. US military. He had a career in the electrical manufacturing industry. He is predeceased by his wife, Mary, and is survived by 7 children.

Richard O Heath ’51, October 12, 2016. Sigma Nu, football, hockey, tennis. US Navy: WWII. A partner at WM Rend Co, he traveled around the world as a salesperson. He also competed regionally and nationally in tennis until the age of 83, advancing to the 1974 semifinals of the US Grass Court Championship and getting inducted into the USTA New England Hall of Fame in 2007. He is survived by 6 children, including Steven ’80; 12 grandchildren; and a great-grandson.

Howard N Byer ’52, November 4, 2016. Pi Delta Epsilon, Maroon, Hillel Club, baseball, swimming. US Air Force. Columbia University: MS, 1956. His long career in journalism and PR began as a reporter for United Press International in his hometown of Columbus, OH. In 1957, he became a feature writer for IBM, and a year later joined the Byer & Bowman Advertising Agency. He later started his own firm, The Howard Byer Company. He is survived by his wife, Phyllis; 2 children; 3 stepchildren; and 7 grandchildren.

John G Worssam ’52, June 17, 2016. WRCU-FM, rifle and pistol club, swimming, student government. US military. He worked in sales for the National Industrial Conference Board, where he eventually became director of conferences. He is survived by his wife, Sandra, and 2 children.

Vail M Taylor ’53, November 2, 2016. Sigma Nu, Konosioni, Maroon, ROTC, baseball, indoor track, student government; Colgate Athletic Council. US Air Force: Korean War. Cornell U: MBA, 1957. He worked for General Electric in sales and marketing for more than a decade before becoming president of Celanese Industrial Coatings Division and president and CEO of Nico Chemical and Fiberich Technologies. In 1975, he formed his own management consulting firm, Sterling Chance, through which he helped various corporations launch more than 20 new products and services. He was predeceased by his wife, Mary, and is survived by 5 children, including Laura Webb ’98; 4 stepchildren; 13 grandchildren; and 2 great-grandchildren.

John P Walt ’54, September 13, 2016. Kappa Delta Rho, Glee Club, University Chorus, indoor track. US Air Force: Korean War. Bentley College: BSA. A member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, he served as a partner at the accounting firm Plaza, Dixon, and Russ in Lowell, Mass, until his retirement in 1990. He is survived by his nieces and nephews.

Charles F Stewart Jr ’56, November 11, 2016. Delta Kappa Epsilon. US Army. He had a 28-year career with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He is survived by his wife, Patricia; 2 daughters; and 3 grandchildren.

Warren S Corbin ’57, November 2, 2016. Phi Kappa Psi, Outing Club, concert band. US Air Force: Korean War. Syracuse University: MA. University of Rochester: PhD. He taught secondary school in Rochester, NY, before starting in higher education. He was a professor and chairman of the education department at Northern Kentucky University, and he later served as director of the Critical Needs Certification Program at Winthrop University. He is survived by his wife, Jane; 3 children; and 4 grandchildren.

Frank S Harrison Jr ’57, October 20, 2016. Kappa Delta Rho, ROTC, soccer. US Air Force. U Penn: MD, 1961. A cardiologist, he was a member of the Bryn Mawr Medical Specialist Association. He is survived by his wife, Joan; 3 children, including Leah ’89; 2 grandchildren; and his brother, Thomas ’63.

Harvey M Lincoln ’58, September 22, 2016. Kappa Delta Rho. SUNY Albany: MPA, 1968. He spent his career in government offices, most notably as senior policy analyst for the state of North Carolina’s Dept of Administration and director of the Office of Management and Budget in Fort Myers, FL. He is survived by his wife, Carol, and 2 sons.

Judson Breslin ’59, February 9, 2016. Delta Kappa Epsilon, International Relations Council, Outing Club, student government. U Penn: MBA, 1963. He worked in software consulting, eventually moving into the positions of president and owner of Distributed Computer Planning Corp, director of Cullinet Software, Inc, and principal at JB Ventures. He also authored several books on computer technology. He is survived by his wife, Wendy; 5 sons; and 9 grandchildren.

Gary D Johnson ’59, September 20, 2016. Sigma Nu, baseball, football. He worked until the age of 41 in various positions with the New York Telephone Co before he retired to pursue charitable work as a social worker in both New York and Kentucky. He is survived by his wife, Norma; his brother; 3 sons; and 7 grandchildren.

John J Carey Jr ’60, MA’63, November 2, 2015. Spanish Club, Young Republicans Club. US Marine Corp. University of Connecticut: PhD, 1963. He began his career in education as a teacher at Cheshire High School in Connecticut. In 1983, he became a professor of history and sociology at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT. He is survived by his wife, Marilyn.

Leigh Winser ’60, August 1, 2016. University Chorus, Masque and Triangle, Outing Club, Sailing Club, debate. Columbia U: PhD, 1969. He spent his career teaching English at Seton Hall University, becoming an associate professor in 1974. He is survived by his sister.

Kenneth D Kerr ’62, December 5, 2016. Delta Upsilon, Konosioni, student government, football, hockey. Boston College: JD, 1965. He was an attorney in private practice for more than 35 years, concentrating in real estate and probate law. He is survived by his wife, Peggy; 3 children, including Scott ’88; and 5 grandchildren.

George Royle IV ’62, November 20, 2016. Phi Delta Theta, student government, golf. Temple University: JD, 1967. He joined the Monroe County Pennsylvania Bar Association in 1968, and began practicing in Stroudsburg. In 1975, he formed Royle & Westervelt, then opened his own practice in 1994, Royle & Durney. He is survived by his wife, Barbara; 4 children; and 2 grand-children.

Larry R Beideman ’64, MA’66, June 19, 2016. Phi Kappa Tau, student government, wrestling. He was a senior research scientist at CAE-Link Corp.

Michael L Simon ’64, October 27, 2016. Columbia University, Juilliard School of Music. He worked for JEA in Fort Lauderdale, FL, in information technology for 20 years. He is survived by his wife, Joan; his brother; his son; his granddaughter; and his great-granddaughter.

Edward L Klopfer ’65, December 3, 2016. Theta Chi, WRCU-FM, student government, tennis. US Air Force. New York University: DDS. Boston University: master’s. He taught orthodontics at Boston University for 10 years, while establishing his practice in Milford, NH. He is survived by his wife, Ricki; 2 children; and 2 grandchildren.

William S Jurgens ’67, November 23, 2016. US Army. Long Island University. He spent his career as a wholesaler of financial products to brokers across the country. He is survived by his wife, Connie; his daughter; 3 grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews.

Edward E Williams ’67, July 12, 2008. Sigma Nu, Outing Club, Young Republicans, student government. After several years in engineering and sales at Republic Steel Corp, he became managing director at William Allen and Co. He is survived by his wife, Linda, and 2 children.

Michael S Martin ’69, October 29, 2016. Phi Kappa Psi; Alumni Council, Board of Trustees, Maroon Council, Alumni Maroon Citation Award, Wm Brian Little ’64 Alumni Award for Distinguished Service. Prior to his retirement in 2014, he worked in South Carolina as executive VP of AXA-Equitable Life Insurance for nearly 40 years. He is survived by his wife, Mary; 3 children, Derek ’92, Jeremy ’95, and Emily ’99; and 5 grandchildren.

Robert A Minzesheimer ’72, October 15, 2016. Maroon. Columbia Graduate School of Journalism: MS, 1973. In his early career, he served as a congressional reporter for the Gannett News Service. Then joining USA Today, he covered politics and the publishing business. In 1994 he was honored for his contributions to journalism with a John S Knight Fellowship at Stanford University. He is survived by his wife, Mary Murphy, and 2 children.

Sandra Scott Lawson ’79, September 10, 2016. Following graduation, she moved to Boston and began working as a paralegal before realizing that her true calling was teaching. After moving to Philadelphia, she taught at Sullivan Elementary School for 16 years. She was predeceased by her husband, Clarence. She is survived by daughter Clarissa, and many aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.

Ellen I Larson ’80, November 2, 2016. Colgate News, crew. New York University: MBA, 1984. She was managing director at FTI Consulting in Manhattan. She is survived by her husband, Charles Hedge; 3 stepchildren; and 5 step-grandchildren.

Darryl R Ferguson ’82, March 26, 2016. In 1989, he started the family business, Ferguson Fuels and Services, Inc, alongside his parents and his brother. He is survived by his wife, Jamie, and a daughter.

Calvin R Wynter II ’82, October 30, 2015. Formerly a managing director of corporate finance at Lehman Brothers and VP of equity trading at Merrill Lynch, he realized his true passion for the arts and became CEO and chairman of an off-Broadway theatrical promotion and production company in New York City called Inbrook. His life and social activism are featured in the nonfiction book Black Corona by Steven Gregory.

Pasquale Amodeo ’90, January 25, 2017. Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Beta Kappa. Georgetown University School of Law, 1996. New York University, MS. After graduation, he started out in finance before entering law school. He was an attorney in London and Washington, DC, before moving to Connecticut, where he worked for several different firms for the last 17 years — most recently as a legal business partner at Lego Systems, Inc. He is survived by his wife of 20 years, Anne (Clark) ’92, and 3 children.

David P Tierney ’91, October 12, 2016. He was a supervisor at Guard Force Management Company in Quincy, MA. He is survived by his parents, brother, niece, and nephew.

Mark Rudenko ’00, October 21, 2016. He was a teacher, first in Texas before moving to Washington State. He is survived by his wife, Jennifer.

Chike McLoyd, December 26, 2016. An assistant professor of educational studies, he joined the Colgate faculty this past July as a specialist in foundations of education. He also headed the social studies and English division of the teacher preparation program. He is survived by his wife, Garlen, and son.

James C Nicholls, January 26, 2017. He joined the Colgate faculty in 1962, teaching French language and literature until his retirement in 1998. During those 36 years, he served as chair of his department and as associate dean of the faculty. Most notably, he created the Colgate study group to Dijon, France, in 1966. He served as the group’s first director and would go on to lead it 6 more times. He is survived by his wife, Maria; 2 children; and 2 grandchildren.

Lasting impressions

Andrew Hill ’86
Oct. 12, 1962– Oct. 31, 2016

Senator Andrew Hill '86Republican state senator and chief GOP budget writer, Andrew “Andy” Hill ’86 has died at the age of 54.

Elected to the Washington State Senate in 2010, Hill was known in the capitol for his sharp intellect and modest nature. He was also known for working across the aisle in support of education, children, and vulnerable populations within his constituency and the country. For example, he played a pivotal role in the passage of the VIP (Vulnerable Individuals Priority) Act, which provided services to people with disabilities in his home state of Washington. In addition, as one of a handful of Republicans to vote in support of marriage equality, Hill left his mark as a senator who was willing to take political risks.

“As a state senator working with Sen. Hill from the time he first started as a freshman, I became impressed right away with his courage and willingness to stand up for his beliefs,” Jeanne Kohl-Welles, a King County councilmember, said in a story on “A man of principle, high intellect, collegiality, and integrity, Sen. Andy Hill will be missed by all.”

Committing himself to education, he was a member of the Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee and, in 2011 and 2012, a ranking member on the Senate Higher Education Committee. His leadership as the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee led to unprecedented funding for schools and reductions in tuition at Washington’s community colleges and other four-year institutions.

While at Colgate, Hill majored in physics with a concentration in computer science and mathematics. He graduated cum laude with high honors. In addition, Hill was the captain of varsity soccer, which he played for four years; president of Theta Chi; and a member of the Konosioni senior honor society.

After graduation, he pursued his MBA at Harvard Business School and later moved to Washington State to begin his career with Microsoft Corporation. There, he was on the design team that helped to create Windows 95, as well as developed learning and content delivery platforms for K-12 schools.

Hill was active in his community, working as the president of the Parent, Teacher, Student Association at his children’s school, a soccer coach for his children’s teams, and as a tutor for students in the community.

He is survived by his wife, Molly, and their three children, Katherine, Allison, and Charlie.

— Melanie Oliva ’18