Colgate Love Stories

Spring 2017


Bob ’75 and Robin (Goldin) Como ’75

Bob and I are probably one of the first Colgate couples. We entered Colgate in the fall of 1971 as part of the Class of 1975. There is no question that fate brought us together because the odds of this girl from the Bronx and a boy from Connecticut ever meeting were almost astronomical.

It was only the second year that Colgate admitted women. I hadn’t heard of Colgate until a friend sent me the catalogue from the previous year (yes … those were the days when you wrote to colleges to send you catalogues by snail mail). It had a great picture of the torchlight ceremony on the cover, and that’s what drew me in. Of course, once I read further and visited the campus, I knew it was where I wanted to go to college. All the while, Bob was being recruited to play football at a number of colleges, but ended up choosing Colgate.

Modern day selfie of Robin Goldin Como ’75 and Bob Como ’75We were introduced by a mutual friend at a holiday party at his dorm — West Hall — in December of ’71, and we became friends right away. No one ever made me laugh the way Bob did — and still does. We didn’t start dating until our junior year, and even then we were both seeing other people.

Sometimes, love grows slowly but deeply. It was not until after graduation that we started seeing each other exclusively. I knew that he was my soul mate, but our different religions made for a complicated decision when it came to marriage. Thankfully, we figured things out and were married on Oct. 18, 1981, with many of our Colgate friends in attendance. We have been happily married for 35 years and are blessed with two amazing sons.

Over the past 45 years, we have stayed in touch with some of our friends from Colgate and have shared many happy times together, especially at reunions. It’s hard to believe that we attended our 40th Reunion last year. Where did the time go?

You never know where or when your life will take that unforeseen turn toward your happily ever after. Colgate was that place and time for us, and it will have a very special place in our hearts forever.

— Robin (Goldin) Como ’75

Are you a married Colgate couple? If so, we want to hear your love story, whether you had your first kiss on Willow Path or didn’t first meet until years after graduation. Tell us your story in 400 words or less, and send a (current or past) photo to: the Colgate Scene at or 13 Oak Drive, Hamilton, NY 13346.