4 bytes with Noah Wintroub ’98

Winter 2016
Noah Wintroub '94 at his office desk

Noah Wintroub ’98

#13 on Fortune’s 40 Under 40
Youngest-ever vice chairman of JP Morgan

Economic (r)evolution. There is a massive change in the economy right now globally, and that is driven by technology. The ability to access information instantaneously and to capture and use that information is reshaping the economy. A whole new set of brands, companies, and people are emerging that are fundamentally shaping the world to come. I advise the leading disruptive companies around the globe; the people who founded the companies you see [represented through apps] on your iPhone. Sometimes they want to buy another company and they need help figuring out how to do that, or they want to sell their company, or buy IPOs [Initial Public Offerings]. I advise executives and companies on how to continue to grow and succeed and provide context for the world around them.

Financial inclusion. The mobile device has revolutionized many businesses, including financial services, and one challenge that’s really important to me and to my company is financial inclusion. There are tens of millions of Americans who can’t afford access to all the great finance technology, and they’re disenfranchised from the system. So I lead the effort for JP Morgan to try and fix that. We take smart leaders and startups that are focused on this problem and we offer them grants and access to our employees to help create technologies that are easier and less expensive.

Tech-savvy. I’ve always been excited about technology. I built webpages in HTML at Colgate and took computer science because I wanted to get my parents’ business on the Internet.

The Wintroub Way. I worked for my grandpa in his auto parts store as a kid. When I would say, ‘Grandpa, I had a baseball game today,’ he didn’t say, ‘Did you win?’ He would say ‘Did you get the most out of yourself?’ So with my three daughters now, when they come home, it’s really awesome because they say, ‘Dad, guess what? I got the most out of myself today.’ I smile, recall my grandpa, and say ‘That’s great, that’s all you can ask for.’ We call it the Wintroub Way. Everybody is successful if they take all their given talents and try their hardest — pursuing things relentlessly, no matter what.

— Aleta Mayne