J. Kemper Matt Sr. ’57 and  J. Kemper Matt Jr. ’94

Dupli Envelope & Graphics Chairman J. Kemper Matt Sr. ’57, left, and his son, company president J. Kemper Matt Jr. ’94, at the company’s headquarters in Syracuse. (Photo by Rick Moriarty |

J. Kemper Matt Sr. ’57 and J. Kemper Matt Jr. ’94

There have been no paper jams for multigenerational Colgate duo J. Kemper Matt Sr. ’57 and J. Kemper Matt Jr. ’94, who serve as chairman and president, respectively, of Dupli Envelope and Graphics Corporation in Syracuse, N.Y.

When J. Kemper Sr. purchased the company in 1980, its sole endeavor was producing approximately 100,000 envelopes per week, which were sold to local and national corporate clients. But, with the advent of the digital age, some of the demand for paper products went into the shredder, due to an increase in the use of e-mail and other digital forms of communication.

Luckily, this family stuck with it — with sticky notes. By “making your print do more,” Dupli strives to accommodate the shifting paper demands of the digital world.

In December of 2014, Dupli acquired Paper Conversions Inc., which produces custom sticky notes and other print media. (It’s one of four companies Dupli has secured in the last three years.) The company has since integrated cube-shaped notepads and other novelty paper products into its business model.

These products are printed with advertisements, allowing companies to spread its marketing messages far and wide with a useful product. “There’s a lot of digital overload, but people always have more room on their desk,” J. Kemper Jr. told, which profiled the business.

Today, Dupli does approximately 50 percent of its business in envelopes, producing a massive 25 million each week for its clients’ operations. They’re doing great — just as long as no one gets a paper cut.

— Emma Loftus ’16