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What’s on your Colgate bucket list?


Jared Gibson-Faber '16

Jared Gibson-Faber ’16

“To try all of the Gilligan’s burgers before I graduate. I went for the first time last summer and I’m halfway there.”

— Jerod Gibson-Faber ’16, a history major from Canastota, N.Y.





Sharon Nicol '17

Sharon Nicol ’17

“To go on an extended study. It builds so many connections… I’m trying to do an extended study every year.”

— Sharon Nicol ’17, a peace and conflict studies major from Silver Spring, Md.





Mac Baler '15

Mac Baler ’15

“To pitch a tent on the old golf course and watch a meteor shower or the stars… I really like astronomy, and we always use that space for outside observing sessions because it’s so beautiful.”

— Mac Baler ’15, a computer science and Japanese major from Albany, N.Y.

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  1. Lucia Greene

    To publish a middle grade book, putting all the invaluable writing lessons I learned from the inspiring Professor Busch to good use. A Tunnel in the Pines published yesterday. This one’s for you, Fred.