Alumni on Instagram

Instagram seeks to “capture and share the world’s moments” by allowing users to share photos and videos online using their phones. For these alumni working in media, of-the-moment technology has been revolutionary. See how they use Instagram to share snapshots of their careers, life experiences, and travels with their followers.
— Lauren Casella ’16


Sian-Pierre Regis ’06

“I use Instagram to keep my friends and fans up to date with some of the moments that mean the most to me — maybe they bring me closer to realizing my dream (a TV clip, an interview with a celebrity) or are snaps to show the friends and family who have helped me get this far on my journey.”

— Sian-Pierre Regis ’06 (sianpierre), an award-winning journalist, on-camera personality, and cultural critic, pictured here with one of his role models, Ryan Seacrest

"WHO SAYS IT CAN'T BE YOU?" Here's the moment I realized it could. #TBT cc: @ryanseacrest

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Yi-Mei Truxes ’08

“I’m drawn to the colors and aesthetic of nature, and try to bring it to the forefront when taking photos in hopes of inspiring others (as many have done for me) to get outside and explore.”

— Yi-Mei Truxes ’08 (yimeitruxes), senior marketing manager at Vogue


Bob Woodruff ’83

“I believe that the best way to tell stories in the world of media is to use both pictures and words in a way that they sync together. Make sure the viewers can understand the story by watching it without sound or hearing it without pictures. Instagram gives you the story piece by piece in a way that did not exist years ago.”

— Bob Woodruff ’83 (bobwoodruff), ABC Newsreporter and co-founder of the Bob Woodruff Foundation for wounded war veterans

On the sea where the witness fisherman witnessed the #Flight370 plane. @abcnews

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Alaina Sullivan ’10

“As an artist, I’m arrested by all things visual, and am constantly on the prowl for making pictures in the course of the everyday. Ever on the hunt for great light, simple moments, unique perspectives.”

— Alaina Sullivan ’10 (alasully), designer/visual artist for Bon Appetit

Shrimp + spicy coconut milk sauce + polenta.

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Christopher Nulty ’09

“I think about my Instagram photos as a collection of my favorite moments. An ironic (or iconic) scene on the streets of my San Francisco neighborhood. The people I love most doing what they do best — laughing, cooking, celebrating. The perfect skyline/sunset/snowfall encountered at just the right moment. And even the occasional snap from my office in Silicon Valley.”

— Christopher Nulty ’09 (@cnulty87), public affairs with Airbnb


Vicky Chun ’91, MA’94

“Instagram enables me to keep in touch with my family, friends, and colleagues in a series of snapshots. Until we can develop a transporter machine, this is the next best thing!”

— Vicky Chun ’91, MA’94 (@vickychun91), Colgate’s director of athletics

Fun @colgateuniv fans at @Colgate_VB up 1 game

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Foster Powell Baker ’13

“[Through] Instagram, I can curate a filtered montage that visually outlines my adventures, experiences, and interests. It enables me to digitally preserve thoughts and memories (that might otherwise escape through a cerebral crack) in an aesthetically pleasing way.”

— Foster Powell Baker ’13 (@fosterpowellbaker), creative presentation and project coordinator at Ralph Lauren


Katie Finnegan ’05

“While working at a consumer-facing tech startup, building brand awareness is always top of mind, and Instagram allows me to do this organically. From behind-the-scenes shots at the office to my travels near and far, my account gives followers a real-life glimpse into the NYC tech scene!”

— Katie Finnegan ’05 (@kgfinnegan), director of product at


Greg Hadley ’10

“The photos I post are mainly capturing one of three things: a great experience that I feel the need to share — like a milestone accomplishment or a fun weekend — fantastic scenery from around Ithaca (it helps with recruiting prospective athletes), or my 3-year-old Boston Terrier, Puddy (named after the Seinfeld character).”

— Greg Hadley ’10 (@coachhad), assistant football coach at Ithaca College

Coach Pud and I slingin-the-pete on ole Butterfield. #sansfilter #kidPudi

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Thea Traff ’13

“I was a studio art and philosophy major, so I feel thankful to be in a career where I’m able to combine both of these passions. I also write for our website’s photo blog, Photo Booth. When I’m looking for content to feature on the blog, I often turn to Instagram — it has become such a great way for photographers to share their work and build a network.”

— Thea Traff ’13 (@theatraff), associate photo editor at the New Yorker

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Charlotte Myers ’13

“I use Instagram to remind me to slow down, look around, and capture pretty scenes or moments. While I mostly use Instagram for personal shots, I do include some real estate–related shots, like photos of beautiful architecture, rooftop views from building inspections, and unique neighborhood finds.”

— Charlotte Myers ’13 (@charlottemyers), associate at Cushman & Wakefield


Lucy Baird ’12

“I use Instagram as a visual diary — everyday snapshots of the things I love and do most: work, travel, and cook! I also use Instagram to share my website, the New Hostess (, which I started as a creative outlet to parlay my penchant for eating, entertaining, and taking photographs.”

— Lucy Baird ’12 (@lucygbaird), merchant at Birchbox

Hi handsome #Lundqvist

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Jacqueline Oshry ’14

“I use social media as an outlet to make jokes, relate to people on a global scale, and just have fun. I use Instagram as a platform where I can show off my super kawaii style in the context of New York City. I try not to take Instagram (or myself) too seriously, because where’s the fun in that?”

— Jacqueline Oshry ’14 (@jackieoproblems), The Huffington Post’s associate social media editor