Views from the Hill

What’s the most unique experience you’ve had at Colgate?

Viktor Mack '15

Viktor Mak ’15

“Gorilla trekking in Uganda with the Benton Scholars. We looked at 300 of the last 700 mountain gorillas that live in the wild in the rainforest.”
— Viktor Mak ’15, global studies major from Fort Myers, Fla.



Nihar Shah '16

Nihar Shah ’16

“My pre-orientation program. I was in the Adirondacks for seven nights with a bunch of strangers. It was a great bonding experience to backpack and live with [other first-years], and I got to see a side of upstate New York that I didn’t know was there. You bond a lot when you’re with people for [a week] and you’re all stinky. I’m still in touch with them.”
— Nihar Shah ’16, English major from Nairobi, Kenya



Danielle Iwata '15

Danielle Iwata ’15

“On the London History Study Group, my professor organized a trip to Ypres in Belgium, where there are a lot of cemeteries for World War I. Two other students and I got to participate in the wreath ceremony at the Menin Gate Memorial, where a lot of the soldiers said goodbye to their families before going off to war. We had gotten funding from the Stickles fund, which offers money to students doing research in military history.”
— Danielle Iwata ’15, history major from New Jersey and Paris, France