Views from the Hill

What is your favorite spot on campus?

Grace Western '17“I love Chapel House. It’s very quiet, there’s not many people there, and there’s a real live fire, which is especially great in the winter. It’s really calm, so I can get work done and, when I need to, breathing moments. It’s like a little retreat on campus!”

— Grace Western ’17, undeclared major from Syracuse, N.Y.


Bryant Gordon '14“I spend a lot of time in Cooley Science Library because it’s a good study spot. I really like the people there and I work there. Also, the Coop is close by, and there are tunnels that get you around!”

— Bryant Gordon ’14, a history major from Brooklyn, N.Y.


Rosie Tootell ’16“Persson Hall skybridge. The view is really pretty, especially in the summer and fall.”

— Rosie Tootell ’16, a political science major from Sharon, Mass.



Olivia Ying ’16,“The Ho [Science Center]. It has a great view, and it’s nice and bright.”

— Olivia Ying ’16, a molecular biology major and psychology minor from Paramus, N.J.

— Interviews by Aminat Olayinka Agaba ’14 and Marilyn Hernandez-Stopp ’14
— Chapel House photo by Gabriela Bezerra ’13