Connecting multicultural alumni with Colgate, current students, and each other through fellowship and mentorship.

Colgate is seeking an energetic, motivated, and highly visible assistant director of the ALANA Cultural Center to serve as a trusted resource for students on campus.

The assistant director collaborates closely with other professionals across the Dean of the College division to create an inclusive environment for students, including wellness, student leadership and involvement, fraternity and sorority advising, religious and spiritual life, and LGBTQ+ Initiatives.

Primary responsibilities include contributing to the development of a vibrant and caring environment where student activity, education, and cultural exploration can occur, with particular focus on race, ethnicity, and intersectionality. The assistant director is also responsible for guiding student-developed programs where differences and commonalities are shared and welcomed across a broad range of identities.

The position’s accountabilities include program design, implementation, and execution in the following areas:

• Assist with and often take a lead role in the planning, implementation, and assessment of programming related to the strategic goals of the ALANA Cultural Center, the Dean of College Division, and the University’s Third Century Plan, which includes a plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition, the assistant director must be able to take direction and be self-directed in the development and modification of a co-curricular model of multicultural education.

• Design, facilitate, and teach the multicultural curriculum to diverse staff, students, student organizations leaders grounded in ALANA’s Mission and Visions to help students, faculty, and staff become advocates for multicultural awareness.

• Utilize assessment to measure student learning across a comprehensive set of programs and services offered through the ALANA Cultural Center.

• In conjunction with the director, facilitate educational trainings that promote social justice, cultural awareness and humility, and celebrate Colgate’s diverse student population.

• Assist in the development and implementation of a social justice certificate program.

The position also includes supervision of student staff; student and community engagement; and administrative tasks and other professional responsibilities.

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