Matt Renner '01 headshot

The Producer

Academy Award winner Matt Renner ’01 on guiding the production of "Free Solo."
Journalist interviewing farm worker

Food for Thought

Laurie Greene ’82 tells underreported stories in California’s agricultural heartland.
illustration of people painting houses

Stopping Poverty’s Vicious Cycle

Carol Redmond Naughton ’82 is helping to improve economic mobility, health outcomes, and racial equity by working with community leaders across the country.
Jeff Dunn '76 sitting in office

Won’t Back Down

SI-BONE CEO Jeff Dunn ’76 touts a medical implant that can resolve back pain and reduce opioid use.
Michael Torpey with contestant on "Paid Off"

Michael Torpey Hates His Own Game Show

On "Paid Off," contestants answer trivia questions to earn money to pay off their student debt. Host Michael Torpey '20 wishes the show didn't have to exist.