Colgate Love Stories

Pettit Wedding with Colgate Alumni

Mark Pettit ’08 and Emily Good ’08

Mark Pettit ’08 and Emily Good ’08 first met while racing through an inflatable obstacle course at the Sidekicks Carnival in the spring of their first year. Fast-forward to the beginning of sophomore year, when they reconnected helping first-years move TVs and couches into Stillman Hall. Over the course of the next two years, their friendship blossomed as Mark served as Emily’s lab TA in Chemistry 101, their circle of friends melded into one, and they both joined the Greek system: Mark with Phi Delta Theta and Emily with Delta Delta Delta.

In the spring of their junior year, Emily went abroad to Edinburgh, Scotland, while Mark stayed on campus, serving as the PDT president. Planning a weeklong trip through Europe as part of his Alumni Memorial Scholarship, he invited her to join him. They traveled to Paris, Florence, Rome, and Athens, starting to date along the way (officially on March 13!).

After graduating from Colgate, they moved to Rochester, N.Y., where Emily began teaching fourth grade and Mark attended medical school at the University of Rochester. Four years after their Europe trip, they traveled to Mexico for another weeklong vacation. Mark proposed at Chichen Itza, a Mayan ruin, bringing their globetrotting relationship full circle. They tied the knot on Oct. 22, 2011, complete with a Colgate-inspired ice cream sundae bar and more than 30 alumni guests.

The newlyweds moved to Delaware in June 2012 for Mark to complete his residency in emergency medicine. Today, Emily is still teaching fourth grade at a local charter school, Mark is a chief resident, and they are preparing to move back to Rochester this summer.

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