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LGBTQ advocate to visit Colgate in her ‘fagbug’

March 24, 2015
LGBTQ advocate Erin Davies poses with her "fagbug" car.

Erin Davies and her “fagbug” visit campus Wednesday.

A colorful Volkswagen Beetle with a very uncolorful name will arrive at Colgate Wednesday, March 25, to help spark discussion and understanding related to LGBTQ community issues.

“Erin Davies’ fagbug project is a provocative and compelling story of how someone can interrogate an act of interpersonal violence, reframe it, and raise awareness. We hope that students will learn more about social justice issues and how to be active bystanders. Ultimately, we hope it will provide an opportunity for discussion about creating an inclusive community at Colgate, and elsewhere,” said Thad Mantaro, Shaw Wellness Institute director.

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Summit provides constructive atmosphere to address hazing

March 23, 2015

Within the last 15 years, there has been a marked increase in awareness about hazing in college. This year, several reprehensible hazing-related incidents at schools around the country have made national news, and many schools have made a conscientious push to eradicate such damaging behaviors in Greek-letter, athletic, and extracurricular organizations. Colgate uses an educational approach to opening up discussion about the serious problems of hazing.

On February 28, approximately 30 members from all eight of Colgate’s Greek-letter organizations gathered in Olin Hall’s Love Auditorium to participate in the New Member Education Summit. Students discussed what qualifies as hazing, and how to ensure that new members experience a healthy transition into Greek life.

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Colgate community Hackathon in New York City supports student’s nonprofit venture

March 20, 2015
(Left to right) Thought Into Action founder Andy Greenfield ’74, P’12, digital technology network volunteer Jeff O'Connell ’94,  Amanda Brown ’15, and Thought Into Action Executive Director Wills Hapworth ’07 during Colgate's Hackathon on Saturday, March 14

(Left to right) Thought Into Action founder Andy Greenfield ’74, P’12, digital technology network volunteer Jeff O’Connell ’94, Amanda Brown ’15, and Thought Into Action Executive Director Wills Hapworth ’07 during Colgate’s Hackathon on Saturday, March 14

On a rainy Saturday in New York City, about 40 Colgate alumni and students gathered to spend eight hours together for Colgate’s first-ever off-campus Hackathon, powered by the Digital Media and Technology Professional Network, the Entrepreneur Network, and the Common Good Network. The hackathon was one of many Colgate Day of Impact events held around the country.

Hosted by Jeff O’Connell ’94 at his downtown Maker Studios offices, the Colgate Hackathon involved engineers, computer coders, and technicians who helped Amanda Brown ’15 enhance the web presence of her nonprofit venture, Children & Youth First. Maker Studios, with its casual, loft-style space and multiple conference rooms, provided the perfect backdrop for the Hackathon.

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Professor Eddie Watkins publishes paper in journal with current student, alumnus

March 17, 2015
Researchers hold the fern they discovered

Rehman Momin ’15, Professor Eddie Watkins, Caridad Zúñiga Calvo, and Weston Testo ’12 (left to right) holding the fern named after Caridad. (Photo by Jarmilla Pitterman)

Colgate professor Eddie Watkins published a new paper in the journal Brittonia with Rehman Momin ’15, Wes Testo ’12 and Jarmilla Pitterman, a professor at UC Santa Cruz. Brittonia is a specialized botanical journal managed by the New York Botanical Garden. The article outlines the discovery of a rare new hybrid fern in Costa Rica. Read more

Sohee Ryuk ’15 wins prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

March 16, 2015
A photo of Sohee Ryuk ‘15

Sohee Ryuk ’15 wins Watson Fellowship

Sohee Ryuk ’15 is one of just 50 students awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship for a year of independent, purposeful exploration and travel outside of the United States on a self-designed topic of their choosing. Ryuk receives $28,000 for the 12-month fellowship beginning in July, 2015.

Including Ryuk, 70 Colgate University nominees have received this prestigious fellowship since it was established in 1968.

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Celebrating Paradise Lost during the “Miltonathon”

March 9, 2015
Photo by Zoe Zhong '17

For more than eight hours, students and professors took turns reading from John Milton’s 10,000-line poem Paradise Lost. Photo by Zoe Zhong ’17

Devil’s food cupcakes with red, orange, and yellow “tongues-of-fire” frosting, chili said to be hotter than Hell, and Adam’s apple turnovers were just a few of the extra touches that brought the story of Satan, Adam, and Eve to life during the reading of Paradise Lost on March 1. Read more

Author Janet Mock, founder of #GirlsLikeUs, to discuss womanhood and identity issues

March 2, 2015
Byron Cage at Colgate

Byron Cage performs during last week’s Gospel Fest.

It’s the start of a new month, and Outdoor Education Spring PE sign-up is alive again. From caving and bouldering to kayaking and paddle boarding, classes will begin after spring break. Secure your place today and Tuesday at the Coop from 10:15 a.m. to 2 p.m. or online at colgate.edu/outdoored before they are all booked!

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Career services gives students a smart start with salary negotiation workshop

March 2, 2015
Real World events designed for the senior class include the Start Smart salary negotiation workshop and networking receptions like this one in the Hall of Presidents. Photo by Andrew Daddio

Real World events designed for the senior class include the $tart $mart salary negotiation workshop and networking receptions like this one in the Hall of Presidents. Photo by Andrew Daddio

Students are learning how to get even. In terms of salary negotiation, that is. Read more

Admiral James Stavridis to discuss 21st century global security

February 23, 2015
Mardi Gras dinner

The Mardi Gras Dinner and Dance was held last week in the Hall of Presidents.

It is the start of yet another snowy and fun week in February, and here are plenty of events to keep you busy.

On Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., there will be an IRC Lecture at Love Auditorium by Admiral James G. Stavridis. The former supreme allied commander of NATO will discuss global security and NATO’s future at the end of its engagement in Afghanistan during this keynote address. Stavridis is now dean of The Fletcher School at Tufts University.

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CUTV, Maroon-News, and WRCU undertake digital initiatives

February 18, 2015
WRCU studio

Alumni like to drop in to the WRCU studio from time to time.

This spring, all three of the major student media organizations are undertaking a digital transformation to push them into the next century—adding a new chapter to their long histories at Colgate.

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Black Student Union organizes Release Night, chance for wide-ranging conversation

February 16, 2015
Colgate Vagina Monologues

Cast members of the Vagina Monologues take a bow after a performance last week.

The past week was filled with a lot of snow, and fun. As you linger on the Valentine’s Day celebration of love, come to the ALANA lounge at 6:45 p.m. on Friday for Release Night, a chance to discuss social, political, and economic concerns swirling in your head.

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Colgate Speaking Union offers students ways to learn and grow on a global stage

February 8, 2015
The Colgate Model UN Society competed in Peru last month.

The Colgate Model UN Society competed in Peru last month.

Colgate students earned three awards, including outstanding small delegation, as one of just three schools from the United States to participate in the Harvard National Model United Nations of Latin America in Peru last month.

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Konosioni Senior Honor Society set to induct newest members

February 3, 2015

A block party in the village of Hamilton was one way that Konosioni contributed to the local community.

Since 1934, the Konosioni Senior Honor Society has recognized students who have exhibited outstanding leadership, dedicated service to the community and the preservation of tradition.

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Colgate network gets Jimmy DeCicco ’15 a super spot working at Super Bowl XLIX

February 2, 2015

Jimmy DeCicco ’15 had one of the best seats in the house for Super Bowl XLIX.

Thanks to a Colgate connection, DeCicco worked as an NBC Sports production assistant for the game that will long be remembered for its wild finish that resulted in a 28-24 win by the New England Patriots over the Seattle Seahawks.

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Keynote address by Kori Strother ’15 at opening ceremony for MLK Week

January 24, 2015
Kori Strother ’15

Kori Strother ’15 speaks at the MLK Week opening ceremony on Monday in Memorial Chapel. (Photo by Andy Daddio)

(Note: This is the student keynote address by Kori Strother ’15 at the January 19, 2015, opening ceremony for MLK Week.)

It was a normal Friday night. Or, rather, it was exactly how you would expect a Friday night to be the week before Christmas. Have you ever thought about how or why everyone is in such high spirits around Christmas? People spend countless hours contemplating what gifts to get for their loved ones and then rush off to every last mall and super sale to snag the perfect gifts. And then money, money is never an issue. People will spend every last penny in their accounts this time of year as if it’s the only way to show people that they care.

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View a digital summary of Sophomore Residential Seminars

January 23, 2015
The image is of a huge table of fresh picked fruits and vegetables

Students in the Hunting, Eating, and Vegetarianism (ENST) seminar visit a co-op. (Photo by Ian Helfant)

Sophomore Residential Seminars provide accepted students with a chance to live and study together, then immerse themselves further in the learning experience through travel with their faculty member. The program, made possible with a significant grant from the Mellon Foundation, is now accepting applications for this coming fall.

During winter break, students in the currently offered seminars were able to travel widely, and some shared their experiences on social media. Here is a quick look at a few of their Instagram photos and tweets, collected by Julia Cooper ’17, social media intern at Colgate.

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Colgate University videographer shares his top 5 videos from past year

December 29, 2014

Brian Ness, video journalism coordinator for the university’s Office of Communications, helps tell the Colgate story by capturing moments —  both big and small — from across campus and beyond. His work appears on the university’s YouTube channel and throughout colgate.edu. He shares his five favorite videos from the past year below: Read more

A step forward for dance at Colgate

December 16, 2014
Colgate Professor Tanya Calamoneri dances during one of her classes

Professor Tanya Calamoneri leads a contemporary dance class. Photo by Andrew Daddio

You wouldn’t expect to walk into a dance class and see 14 men and only two women. But that’s the makeup of Professor Tanya Calamoneri’s Dance Imagery and Improvisation course. Read more

Colgate faculty ‘Yak Back’

December 12, 2014

UPDATE: the New York Times ran an article exploring Yik Yak on the College campus. It mentions the Colgate faculty Yak back.

To quote a recent post on Yik Yak, the notoriously negative mobile application, “Professors have been successfully re-introduced into the Yak environment [and] the ecological consequences should be fascinating.”

Indeed they are.

The campaign began when Geoff Holm, associate professor of biology, noticed a few positive posts from faculty members on the app, but those voices were failing to gain traction.

“I thought that if there was a more coordinated effort, especially at the end of the semester, it could bring a more positive vibe to the campus,” Holm said. He credited his biology colleague Prof. Eddie Watkins with suggesting that posters identify themselves.

A screenshot from December 12.

A screenshot from December 12.

“Yes,” said Watkins. “I think we should all be putting our names on there. The students are loving it and my Yakarma is 1174!”

So far, more than 50 professors have posted messages, ranging from the silly to the sublime. There is much sleep-related advice and encouragement, and also a few newbies to the platform. Some of the posts have garnered more than 100 “up votes.”

Prof. Metzler: “While it’s impossible to do everything you need to do and get sleep, take it from someone with a seven-week old; sleep is important for brain function…wishing I got more of it!”

Outdoor Ed had other advice: “I hear sledding and snowball fights are great stress relievers…Come to OE and borrow a sled.”

Prof. Woods: “Thanks to the students at Colgate for making my job fun. I’m sorry I can’t always return the favor, but you know I love ya.”

Prof Scull: “Shout out to my GEOG245 class for a fabulous (yet hard) discussion of the societal consequence of GIS (e.g., the yak)”

Marlowe: “Saw a student helping an elderly man dig out his car the other day. You guys are awesome”

Prof. Page: Sending good vibes Colgate and good luck next week – all out in the open. Life’s so much better out in the open

With so much goodness in the air, even anonymous posts can be nice: “To all of the professors, thank you. What a wonderful, happy thing to wake up to in the morning. You all made my and many other students’ days.”

Hope for Colgate’s future is key message at candlelight service

December 11, 2014
President Herbst at candlelight service

President Jeffrey Herbst speaks at the candlelight service in Memorial Chapel. (Photo by Dylan Crouse ’15) SEE MORE PHOTOS

Last night’s Candlelight Service of Reconciliation in Memorial Chapel was as hopeful as it was poignant, capping off a turbulent semester that many believe will make Colgate a more inclusive, safe, and respectful community.

The candle-lit event was pitch perfect, from the opening chords of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” to the Colgate Resolutions’ harmonious rendition of Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes.”

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Colgate Thirteen to perform at Radio City Christmas Spectacular

November 30, 2014
Colgate Thirteen

The Colgate Thirteen perform at Memorial Chapel. (Photo by Janna Minehart)

Christmas is coming early this year for Colgate Thirteen fans.

The a cappella crew is pleased to announce that it will kick off the 2014 Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York City on Friday, December 12, taking the stage at 9:10 p.m. — just before the curtain rises on the Rockettes at 9:30 p.m.

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Raider says Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Seeing the Beast plays with relationship between humans and deer

November 21, 2014
Colgate University Seeing the Beast play

Colgate University Theater performed Seeing the Beast (photo by Gerard Gaskin)

Last weekend, University Theater presented Seeing the Beast, an experimental play that was part TEDtalk, part fairytale, and part nature documentary.

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Student bystander training helps prevent sexual assault

November 19, 2014

Seated in a semi-circle, students in a recent Bystander Intervention training session took turns stating the reasons they were there. Some wanted to be better informed for their work building awareness about sexual and relationship violence. One student was trying to make sense of a personal situation. A few others said they simply wanted to be better community members.

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Professors lead discussion to promote self-care at Women’s Studies Center

November 17, 2014

I know we’re all thinking the same thing. One more week until Thanksgiving recess. One more week until we can head home, eat turkey, and watch football.

But while you’re cramming for your last exam before break, or working on that 10-page Shakespeare paper due the day you get back from break like I will be this week, here are some events you don’t want to miss before catching up on some much needed sleep.

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