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Gate-Town Connection brings together Colgate and community

April 23, 2014

Pie-eating contest at the Gate-town Connection in Hamilton, NY
With their faces covered in whipped cream as they eyed their opponents, Hamilton Mayor Margaret Miller, Colgate students, and local community members sat side by side in a race to finish their pie first.
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Student organizations recognized for year’s accomplishments

April 21, 2014
Students playing board games at an event held by The Game's Afoot

The Game’s Afoot was recognized as the Outstanding Group of the Year for 2013-2014.

“If you are willing to be unapologetically yourself, you will find your people here,” Ian Dwyer ’14 told a crowd gathered in the Hall of Presidents for the Student Organization Recognition Banquet.

Dwyer was accepting the evening’s top award for Outstanding Group on behalf of The Game’s Afoot, a student organization that sponsors events featuring activities ranging from board games, to video games, to large-scale Nerf wars.

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Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks at Memorial Chapel on Monday

April 19, 2014

With a full calendar of events and lectures to choose from, here are some that you won’t want to miss, including a visit from New York City’s former mayor Rudy Giuliani.

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Colgate stages celebration of Holi, the Hindu festival of colors

April 18, 2014
Colgate students celebrate Holi, the Hindu festival of colors on April 5, 2014

Photo by Ashlee Eve ’14

As festive music filled the air, so did a rainbow of powder when students and community members celebrated Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, on April 5. Dancing on Whitnall Field, participants indiscriminately threw powder on their friends and strangers, covering each other from head to toe. Read more

Introducing the scholars of the Office of Undergraduate Studies

April 17, 2014
Samantha Lee '14 working in an agricultural setting while studying abroad

Click the picture to learn more about OUS scholars like Samantha Lee ’14.

As high school seniors across the country prepare to make a final decision about what college to attend, Colgate is hopeful that a select group who have demonstrated talent, creativity, intellect, and determination in the face of significant challenges will come to the Chenango Valley next year. These prospective students have been invited to join the Colgate Class of 2018 as scholars in the Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS).

Throughout their four years on campus, OUS scholars develop a tight-knit community of some of Colgate’s most active and accomplished students. To highlight the accomplishments of these students, the OUS program has recently tasked its own scholars with telling the compelling stories of their peers.

Their efforts have taken two forms: a professional-grade monthly newsletter produced by Samantha Lee ’14, and a blog of OUS scholar profiles researched and written by Timmera Whaley ’15, Christelle Boursiquot ’15, and Salote Tenisi ’15.

“Writing these profiles has been a great opportunity to showcase the talents and skills of people in the OUS program,” Tenisi explained. Whaley added, “It’s really about highlighting the great things people are doing on campus. They have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the Colgate community.”

Learn more about the Office of Undergraduate Studies and its scholars:

ALANA Spring Soiree recognizes students doing multicultural work

April 15, 2014
Garfield Smith '85 delivered the keynote address and facilitated the awards ceremony at this year's ALANA Spring Soiree.

Garfield Smith ’85 delivers the keynote address and facilitates the awards ceremony at the ALANA Spring Soiree.

At ALANA’s Spring Soiree, Garfield O. Smith ’85 recognized the contributions of previous Colgate students who have paved the way for current students — including those receiving this year’s multicultural awards.  Read more

Tomorrow’s Konosioni Auction will have lasting community impact

April 11, 2014
The 2013 Konosioni Auction at the Palace Theater. Photo by Ashlee Eve '14

The 2013 Konosioni Auction at the Palace Theater. Photo by Ashlee Eve ’14

The Konosioni Senior Honor Society will host its annual charity auction tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. at the Palace Theater. Konosioni holds the auction to raise funds that they allocate to nonprofit organizations in our community the following year.  Read more

Colgate students say they are well prepared to pursue medical careers

April 9, 2014
Michael J. Wolk '60

Dr. Michael J. Wolk ’60, a noted cardiologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, hosts a conference every two years at Colgate that provides real-world information for students exploring careers in medicine.

Members of the Class of 2014 seeking careers in the health sciences are now receiving offers of acceptance to medical schools around the country.

Brian Chernak ’14, of Rochester, N.Y., Nolan Cirillo-Penn ’14, of Bridgewater, N.J., Elizabeth Flory ’14, of Hanover, N.H., and Tue Nguyen ’14, of Vietnam, are just four of the latest students to be accepted into medical school, continuing Colgate’s proven track record of successfully preparing students who want to pursue careers in medicine.

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A Dream Play debuts

April 3, 2014
A rehearsal shot from A Dream Play, directed by Simona Giurgea

Rehearsal shot from A Dream Play, directed by Simona Giurgea and produced by English 259: Performance 1 students

How do we interpret and express our dreams? Twelve theater majors have set out to answer this question, among others, with the spring University Theater production of A Dream Play.

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Applications to Colgate increase 4 percent over last year; acceptance letters are sent

March 27, 2014
Members of the Colgate Office of Admission carry loads of acceptance letters to the mailroom for delivery Tuesday. (Photo by Duy Trinh)

Members of the Colgate Office of Admission carry acceptance letters to the mailroom for delivery Tuesday. (Photo by Duy Trinh)


Good news is arriving in the mailboxes of a select group of students invited to join the Colgate Class of 2018 this week.

Applications to Colgate increased by 4.1 percent over last year to 8,713, an-all time high in the era of application fees, according to the Office of Admission. A total of 2,224 applicants, 25.5 percent, were accepted, and of those, 34.2 percent self-identify as multicultural.

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Embracing Real Beauty on campus and beyond

March 18, 2014
Stacy Nadeau (right), one of the six original models in Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, visited campus to discuss body image, using photos like this one and survey results from the campaign.

Stacy Nadeau (right), one of the six original models in Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, visited campus to discuss body image, using photos like this one and survey results from the campaign.

Stacy Nadeau, a model for the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, is on a mission to help change people’s perceptions. “I want to challenge you to find your own best, healthy self, where mental health and physical health meet in the middle,” she told the audience in Golden Auditorium on March 6.  Read more

Colgate community mourns loss of Brian Crockett ’13

March 10, 2014


The Colgate community is mourning the tragic loss of a beloved friend and teammate, Brian Crockett ’13, who died last week after complications related to surgery. He was 22 years old.

“Anyone who had come in contact with Brian knows what a great person he was. He was one of the most unique personalities to ever come to Colgate. He was the emotional leader of the 2012 Patriot League championship team. I know that he has deeply affected me personally in how I live my life,” said Dan Hunt, Raiders football head coach.

Colgate Director of Athletics Victoria M. Chun’91 MA’94 remembered Crockett – known as “Bubbles” by his teammates and friends – for his positive attitude and spirit.

“We lost a very important member of our athletics family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Crockett family. We will never forget the way Bubbles made us feel, his infectious smile or his indomitable spirit. No. 72 will live in our hearts forever. ”

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April Bailey ’14 dances with gender issues in her research and performance

March 7, 2014

Performed by 17 students, Wires accompanied women’s studies and psychology research by April Bailey ’14 (far right). Photos by Ashlee Eve ’14

In the last movement of her dance performance titled Wires, April Bailey ’14 (pictured in pink) breaks free from the group and moves independently — just as she’s demonstrated academically.  Read more

Colgate students excel at national Model African Union

March 5, 2014
Students in Professor Mary Moran's Model African Union course gather at her home for a final class dinner.

Students in Professor Mary Moran’s Model African Union course gather at her home for a final class and dinner. (Photo by Duy Trinh ’14)

When Neal Barsch ’14 found out he would be representing Sierra Leone at the National Model African Union in Washington, D.C., he knew he would need to make some fast friends to accomplish his small country’s diplomatic goals.

“If I wrote a resolution based on just what was just good for Sierra Leone, it wouldn’t have passed,” said Barsch, an economics major from Colorado who earned two top honors awarded by his peers at the event.

For Mary Moran, professor of anthropology and Africana and Latin American studies, it is that kind of interaction that makes the Model AU simulation an enriching experience for students of all academic majors.

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Students blog from Antarctica as they research Totten Glacier

February 28, 2014

Totten iceberg

“We are truly exploring new territory,” wrote Kara Vadman ’14 and Mikhaila Redovian ’15 after the research vessel they boarded in January headed into uncharted waters near Totten Glacier, Antarctica.  Read more