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Colgate students say they are well prepared to pursue medical careers

April 9, 2014
Michael J. Wolk '60

Dr. Michael J. Wolk ’60, a noted cardiologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, hosts a conference every two years at Colgate that provides real-world information for students exploring careers in medicine.

Members of the Class of 2014 seeking careers in the health sciences are now receiving offers of acceptance to medical schools around the country.

Brian Chernak ’14, of Rochester, N.Y., Nolan Cirillo-Penn ’14, of Bridgewater, N.J., Elizabeth Flory ’14, of Hanover, N.H., and Tue Nguyen ’14, of Vietnam, are just four of the latest students to be accepted into medical school, continuing Colgate’s proven track record of successfully preparing students who want to pursue careers in medicine.

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A Dream Play debuts

April 3, 2014
A rehearsal shot from A Dream Play, directed by Simona Giurgea

Rehearsal shot from A Dream Play, directed by Simona Giurgea and produced by English 259: Performance 1 students

How do we interpret and express our dreams? Twelve theater majors have set out to answer this question, among others, with the spring University Theater production of A Dream Play.

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Colgate’s April Fools’ Day gag makes international impression

April 2, 2014

In true Colgate fashion, the humor was biting at times and there were very few gaps, as the university’s April Fools’ Day gag to open a new dental school made quite an impression. The (story and video) made the international media smile, and by the end of the day one thing was clear: with or without a dental school, Colgate is clearly on the cusp of something great.

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Atomic Bomb class participates in Twitter play

April 2, 2014

advent of the atomic bombFrom building a bomb to acting as historical figures involved in the Manhattan Project through a “Twitter play,” students in the Advent of the Atomic Bomb class have been embracing science and technology — and connecting with alumni along the way. Read more

Applications to Colgate increase 4 percent over last year; acceptance letters are sent

March 27, 2014
Members of the Colgate Office of Admission carry loads of acceptance letters to the mailroom for delivery Tuesday. (Photo by Duy Trinh)

Members of the Colgate Office of Admission carry acceptance letters to the mailroom for delivery Tuesday. (Photo by Duy Trinh)


Good news is arriving in the mailboxes of a select group of students invited to join the Colgate Class of 2018 this week.

Applications to Colgate increased by 4.1 percent over last year to 8,713, an-all time high in the era of application fees, according to the Office of Admission. A total of 2,224 applicants, 25.5 percent, were accepted, and of those, 34.2 percent self-identify as multicultural.

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Colgate to host Innovation + Disruption symposium on May 5 in New York and via Livestream

March 18, 2014

innovation and disruption symposium
On May 5, Colgate University will host Innovation + Disruption, a symposium about technology, the liberal arts, and preparing graduates for the future.

Clayton Christensen, Kim B. Clark professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School and co-founder of the innovation consulting firm Innosight, will tee up the event with a keynote address titled “The Innovative University.”

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Oscar-nominated director discusses evil and empathy

March 13, 2014
The-Act-of-Killing (1)

Two of the murderers featured in The Act of Killing, Adi Zulkadry (left) and Anwar Congo (right), have makeup applied for their scenes. Images courtesy of Drafthouse Films

When Joshua Oppenheimer, the director of The Act of Killing, spoke in Golden Auditorium last Friday, he described his Oscar-nominated film as a tightrope between empathy and repulsion. Read more

Professor Linn Underhill’s photography hits Close to Home

March 11, 2014
Plenty DAVY flat_Underhill_WEB

PLENTY: Davy from Professor Linn Underhill’s Close to Home exhibition.

Associate Professor of Art and Art History Linn Underhill is currently featuring her photography in an exhibition titled Close to Home, on view at the Clifford Gallery until April 4. Read more

Provost Douglas Hicks, CIO Kevin Lynch answer questions about ColgateX

March 6, 2014
Douglas Hicks, provost and dean of faculty, and Kevin Lynch, chief information officer, see great potential in the ColgateX platform. (Photo by Erica Hasenjager)

Douglas Hicks (left), provost and dean of faculty, and Kevin Lynch, chief information officer, see great potential in the ColgateX platform. (Photo by Erica Hasenjager)

Colgate University has joined the online learning platform edX as a contributing member, through a unique partnership with our liberal arts neighbor, Hamilton College. Colgate’s Douglas Hicks, provost and dean of faculty, and Kevin Lynch, chief information officer, discuss how this collaboration places Colgate at the forefront of utilizing online technologies to enhance our residential liberal arts mission. Read more

Examining the history of the Holocaust through art

February 25, 2014
Gabriella Nikolic

Figure 4 from the One Day, One Woman, One Child exhibition

Striking images of Holocaust victims overlaid with paint and text stare back at viewers as they encounter the pieces in the exhibition One Day, One Woman, One Child — which will be in the Longyear Museum of Anthropology until this Friday.  Read more

English major Michael Sippey ’90 talks Colgate and more in Twitter interview

February 12, 2014

Colgate University is conducting Twitter interviews with alumni from around the world. The first interview was Monday with Michael Sippey ’90, an English major who is an advisor to Twitter after having worked there as vice president of product development, and who also worked at SAY Media and at Six Apart.

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Hechinger Report runs op-ed by Andy Greenfield ’74 P’12 about liberal arts, entrepreneurship

February 6, 2014
Andy Greenfield '74 launches the Little Talks, Big Ideas series. (Photo by Andy Daddio)

Andy Greenfield ’74 P’12 also launched the Little Talks, Big Ideas series at the 2013 Entrepreneur Weekend. (Photo by Andy Daddio)

Andy Greenfield ’74 P’12, founder of the Thought Into Action Entrepreneurship Institute at Colgate, penned an op-ed for the Hechinger Report that talks about the liberal arts and entrepreneurship.

He writes: “Liberal arts graduates have great basic training for turning an idea into an action. The school from which I graduated, Colgate University, prepared me for the rocky road of entrepreneurship by teaching me to think critically, communicate well, and to ask the question “What if?”  I soon learned how to turn the answer into an explanatory framework, also known as a theory.” 

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Professor Knecht to deluge viewers at arts center in Brooklyn

February 4, 2014

A still from Professor John Knecht’s animated short film Deluge

This Sunday, February 9, Professor John Knecht will be screening his animated short film Deluge and other works at UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art in Brooklyn. Knecht is the Russell Colgate Distinguished University Professor of art and art history and film and media studies. Read more

Men’s hockey team welcomes Colgate’s international students to Starr Rink during break

January 30, 2014
Ryan Johnston helps a Colgate student put his skates on prior to hitting the ice.

Ryan Johnston helps a Colgate student put his skates on prior to hitting the ice.

(Editor’s note: this article first appeared here, and was written by Matt Faulkner.)

During winter break, the Colgate men’s hockey team welcomed many of the university’s international students to Starr Rink ice in a different type of Learn to Skate program.

The program had a special twist this time as Brooks Herrington ’15 and Julian Fialkow ’17 helped organize the event. They joined head coach Don Vaughan and Assistant Dean and Director of International Student Services Christina Khan to give the students a great experience.

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Colgate, New York Six partners get $1.25 million Mellon grant for international initiative

January 8, 2014

The New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium has been awarded a three-year $1.25 million grant by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support new collaborations in the areas of globalization and language learning. The six consortium members are Colgate University, Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, St. Lawrence University, Skidmore College, and Union College.

The New York Six International Initiative will assist the schools in expanding the global aspects of their curricula and engaging students and faculty in the study of global issues, both at the home campuses and abroad.

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