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Denise Larson ’19: A Letter To My Fellow Second Semester Classmates

January 16, 2016
Photo by Denise Larsen '19

Photo by Denise Larson ’19

Dear Class of 2019,

I had an experience the other day that forced me to think deeply about something that is of immediate importance to us all. I attended a holiday brunch, and my neighbor asked me: “Can you believe you finished your first semester of college?” My answer: “Not at all…I mean kinda yes?” My neighbor probably expected that as a college student I’d be a little more articulate, but as I spoke, that question struck me as surprisingly complex.

It’s a question that we all must consider. Whether or not we’ve realized it, we’re in an odd place. As winter break comes to a close, it’s notable that the last time we were away from campus for this long, many of us had only ever been there on a college visit. Yet, as we flock back to campus with the same magnitude of peers that we encountered on move-in day, we’ve got a full semester under our belt, and that’s significant.

In terms of what this means in regards to second semester, let me break down my disjointed answer to the not-so-simple question.

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Celebrating Sukkot with a sukkah on the Quad

September 24, 2013

Students are celebrating Sukkot, the Jewish harvest festival, in a sukkah, which is a temporary structure that they built on the Quad. Photo by Andrew Daddio

To celebrate the eight-day Jewish holiday of Sukkot, one of three harvest festivals celebrated in Judaism, a sukkah is taking center stage on the Quad this week.   Read more

Conversations with friends at home focus on Colgate

October 14, 2011

natalie.jpgAfter fall break, students arrived on campus rested and ready to tackle their workload. Break came at a great time for those who had taken midterm exams and needed the respite the few days off provided.

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Steve Jobs and Apple transformed college campuses

October 7, 2011

natalie.jpgMy biology class headed to the Ho Tung Visualization Lab one day this week to watch a film in place of a regular class lecture. The theater-type room was a great environment to see the National Geographic documentary.

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Watching roommate compete in rugby match is a win

September 30, 2011

natalie.jpgThis past week has brought a variety of new experiences for me, a Colgate first-year. One of the highlights of this week was watching my very first rugby game.

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Italian Club offers fun approach to language, food

September 23, 2011

natalie.jpgAnother exciting week here at Colgate! As of this week, more clubs on campus have begun to meet and get settled with their plans for the semester. One of the clubs I joined was Italian Club. I do not know very much of the language, but I thought joining this club would be a great means to pick up a few phrases.

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Activities fair highlights variety of clubs offered here

September 19, 2011

natalie.jpgLast week started off on a somber note, in remembrance of 9/11. Students hung American flags out their dorm windows to show respect for those who died on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. But, along with the sadness that filled the day, there was also an abundance of patriotism. Colgate students showed that they are proud to be here in America studying at this historic university.

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Students dodge raindrops, settle into class schedules

September 9, 2011

natalie.jpgIn central New York, preparing for the elements, every possible weather situation that is, is always the way to go. This week, students got out their umbrellas, raincoats, and rain boots and put them all to good use, braving the persistent downpour in order to get to class on time.

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First week of classes really brings campus to life

September 1, 2011

natalie.jpgFirst week of classes! This week, the campus has really come alive with students strolling to, and at times, running to their classes.

This semester, I am taking Intermediate Spanish, Analysis Health Issues:
Cancer, as my first-year seminar, Topics in Organismal Biology, and The
Silk Road.

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Move-in day adds to busy week for first-year blogger

August 26, 2011

natalie.jpgHello, my name is Natalie Sportelli, and I’m a member of the incoming Class of 2015. I will be writing about my experiences at Colgate, and I hope to be informative, entertaining, and enlightening with my observations of campus life.

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First-year's China trip brings campus course to life

June 7, 2011

Benton Scholars(Editor’s Note: Marilyn Hernandez-Stopp ’14 visited China as part of the university’s Benton Scholars Program and writes about her experience.)

Now that I am back home, I’ve had a chance to reflect on my trip to China and attempt to readjust to the time difference!

For the last week that I was in China, the Benton Scholars group took the overnight train to Xi’an. I will just say that that was quite an experience!

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Walking through Forbidden City with Benton Scholars

May 13, 2011

Benton Scholars trip to China(Editor’s Note: Marilyn Hernandez-Stopp ’14 is blogging from China, where she is visiting as part of the university’s Benton Scholars Program.)

My first few days in China have been phenomenal.

After an exhausting 14-hour flight, we arrived at the Beijing airport at around 6:30 at night (though it felt like the morning for us!).

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Flying to China for long-awaited Benton Scholars trip

May 6, 2011

mhernandez1.jpgI am so happy that I am officially done with school, and I can’t wait to hop on the plane with some of my closest friends and head to China with them!

Everyone has been asking me when I’m leaving for home, and each time I explain that I’m not going home just yet, I’m taking a trip out of the country with the Benton Scholars Program.

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Finishing a ton of work as academic year nears end

April 29, 2011

mhernandez1.jpgFinals week is fast approaching, and I am ready for the last stretch of my freshman year.

This week I have been inundated with work, turning in assignments, and enjoying the good weather that has finally made an appearance on campus.

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ALANA fashion show makes hard work worthwhile

April 17, 2011

mhernandez1.jpgI had one of my largest accomplishments this past week! I finally held my first ALANA event for the semester.

As I mentioned before, I have been working on a cultural fashion show the entire semester with fellow ambassador Mi Seung Kim ’13.

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Dinner with professors proves to be fun and reassuring

April 11, 2011

mhernandez1.jpgThis past week was an adventurous one for me!

On Wednesday, I visited the home of professors Pilar and Antonio Barrera. I went with my fellow Latin American Student Organization members and we enjoyed great food and conversation.

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Nice to see how our groups give back to community

April 1, 2011

mhernandez1.jpgSchool is in the final stretch and I am quite excited!

This week has been busy per usual, but I am feeling great about the weekend. For one, I had a mix-and-mingle with the Chinese Interest Association on Tuesday concerning the trip that I will be making to China with the Benton Scholars Program.

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Getting ready for trip to China with Benton Scholars

March 25, 2011

mhernandezstopp.jpgThis week has been quite hectic, but in a very good way!

I am getting prepared for my trip to China with the Benton Scholars Program so I had to get some shots that I hadn’t already received.

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Spring break a chance to reconnect with alumni

March 11, 2011

mhernandezstopp.jpgI can’t believe it, this Monday, Colgate experienced a snow day!

This is a very rare occurrence, and I was shocked to wake up to the text that spelled out the unthinkable! The campus was in a frenzy, though the students felt relieved to have a bit more time to cram for midterms.

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Lectures and events often tie in to classwork

March 4, 2011

mhernandezstopp.jpgThis week was filled with learning upon learning experiences. I have noticed how much of the material I am exposed to while at lectures and other events can be applied to many of my classes, as well as to my life.

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Thrilled to be selected for a leadership role with LASO

February 18, 2011

mhernandezstopp.jpgThroughout this week, I have been certainly keeping myself busy with my schoolwork, job, and extracurricular activities.

Though I do not like to brag, I also would like to say that I was chosen
to be the internal communicator for the Latin American Student
Organization (LASO).

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Glad for the chance to tutor local schoolchildren

February 11, 2011

mhernandezstopp.jpgThis past week I was able to again volunteer at the Hamilton Central School, and I was given the opportunity to meet some great kids and tutor them in Spanish. I’m so glad that I can continue to be a part of this project!

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Taking advantage of the many resources at Colgate

February 4, 2011

mhernandezstopp.jpgThis week was a busy one, especially with the first wave of tests.

I did have a chance to meet with a woman from the Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT), which is a program that helps students with majors in the humanities, social sciences, math, and education with the process of applying to graduate school.

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A welcome return to Colgate after relaxing break

January 29, 2011

mhernandezstopp.jpgDriving up Oak Drive upon my return to Colgate brought an exhilarating rush of emotions. My friends called me and greeted me screaming before I was even able to unload my bags.

This is why I love Colgate, and why I am so glad to be back.

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Study breaks help with crunch time here at Colgate

December 10, 2010

mhernandezstopp.jpgIt’s crunch time here at Colgate. With finals week coming up, everyone is keeping busy.

Sharing the last classes of the year with my fellow peers is a bit sad. I made good friends in all of my classes, and I’m going to miss the times we had. Still, next semester brings a whole new set of knowledge to the table, and I can’t wait to come back to a fresh set of professors, faces, and courses!

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