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Sohee Ryuk ’15 wins prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

March 16, 2015
A photo of Sohee Ryuk ‘15

Sohee Ryuk ’15 wins Watson Fellowship

Sohee Ryuk ’15 is one of just 50 students awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship for a year of independent, purposeful exploration and travel outside of the United States on a self-designed topic of their choosing. Ryuk receives $28,000 for the 12-month fellowship beginning in July, 2015.

Including Ryuk, 70 Colgate University nominees have received this prestigious fellowship since it was established in 1968.

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Google’s Debra LoCastro ’05 explains why tech firms value Colgate degrees

November 18, 2014

(Editor’s Note: Colgate has a professional network committed to helping students and alumni discover careers in the digital media and technology fields.)

In her eight years with GoogleDebra LoCastro ’05 has risen from sales associate to university programs lead. She manages the student outreach team, helping students learn about career opportunities at Google.

She recently visited Colgate for a series of workshops and networking sessions with students. She took a moment to share her ideas on how the tech world, and companies like Google, find value in liberal arts degrees, like those offered at Colgate. Read more

Professor Bruce Hansen looks at the ability to process a scene

August 29, 2014
Bruce Hansen, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience

Bruce Hansen, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience

It takes humans about 27 milliseconds (or less) — approximately one-tenth of the time it takes to blink your eyes — to comprehend the meaning, or “gist,” of a scene. Read more

Professors team up to show Colgate first years The ’Gate Way

August 15, 2014

Some students adjust to college easily and naturally, while others struggle and even falter. A new online non-credit “course,” comprised of 13 short videos made by Colgate faculty, is designed to minimize the mystery about what it takes to succeed. The series also includes many student-produced video responses featuring current students and alumni. Read more

Margaretta Burdick ’14 awarded a Fulbright to teach in Turkey

May 23, 2014

Margaretta Burdick ‘14, of Bedford, N.Y.,  has been awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to Turkey, where she will serve as an English teaching assistant in a university setting.

A double major in political Science and psychology, Burdick first experienced Turkish culture during a brief trip to Istanbul while she was on Colgate’s Geneva Study Group, where she also did a major research paper on Turkey’s possible accession to the European Union.

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Professor Jennifer Tomlinson examines peril of putting romantic partner on a pedestal

April 29, 2014

What are the consequences when one partner feels over-idealized by another?

Jennifer M. Tomlinson, assistant professor of psychology, set out to examine whether there is a limit to the benefits of feeling idealized.

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Colgate seniors present research to leading scholars in Japan

April 16, 2014
J&M traveling_WEB

Jessica Huang ’14 and Michael Manansala ’14 presented their research at Kobe University in Japan and also had time for some independent travel.

Over spring break, Jessica Huang ’14 and Michael Manansala ’14 put the capstone on a research project that they’ve been working on for much of their Colgate careers. Traveling to Kansai, Japan, the seniors presented their research titled “Does observing or producing different types of hand gestures help second-language auditory learning of Japanese short and long vowels?” Read more

Psychology professor Douglas Johnson receives 2014 Balmuth teaching award

April 10, 2014
Professor Douglas Johnson

Douglas Johnson, associate professor of psychology, is the recipient of the 2014 Jerome Balmuth Award for Teaching and Student Engagement. (Photo by Alice Virden-Speer)

Douglas Johnson, associate professor of psychology, has received the 2014 Jerome Balmuth Award for Teaching and Student Engagement. Faculty, staff, students, university trustees, and friends joined the celebration, which took place March 27 at the Colgate Inn.

Established through a gift from Mark Siegel ’73, the Balmuth Award recognizes a faculty member whose teaching is “distinctively successful and transformative.” It is named in honor of the legendary Jerry Balmuth, Harry Emerson Fosdick Professor of philosophy and religion emeritus.

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Alumni running for seats in U.S. Congress

April 3, 2014
New York State Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney

New York State Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney


Derek Hyra, associate professor of urban affairs and planning at Virginia Tech









At least two Colgate alumni are running for U.S. Congress: State Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney ’83 is running in New York’s 22nd District, and Derek Hyra ’96 is running in Virginia’s 8th District.  Read more

April Bailey ’14 dances with gender issues in her research and performance

March 7, 2014

Performed by 17 students, Wires accompanied women’s studies and psychology research by April Bailey ’14 (far right). Photos by Ashlee Eve ’14

In the last movement of her dance performance titled Wires, April Bailey ’14 (pictured in pink) breaks free from the group and moves independently — just as she’s demonstrated academically.  Read more

Psychology major Casey Sherman ‘14 researches what makes memories stick

October 29, 2013
Casey Sherman '14 is studying how we process memories. (Photo by Natalie Sportelli '15)

Casey Sherman ’14 is studying how we process memories. (Photo by Natalie Sportelli ’15)

Colgate students are sharing their experiences conducting research with faculty members on campus and in the field. This post is by Casey Sherman ‘14, of Vancouver, who is a psychology major.

Each day you see hundreds of different stimuli. You pay attention to certain environmental features, but not to others; some things change, and others stay constant. At the end of the day, you’re left with an array of memories. You’ll forget some details from the day, but other memories remain with you for future use.

My thesis research, supervised by Professor Douglas Johnson, is intended to explore several questions about memory. How does attention to experiences affect your memory of them? Are changes or consistency in the environment more readily remembered? Are changes in the environment processed differently depending how much attention you pay to them?

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NSF grant fosters interdisciplinary research, allows student access to high-level instrumentation

September 10, 2013

Students manipulate an older model of the electroencephalography (EEG) system.

Several faculty members recently were awarded a major National Science Foundation (NSF) grant that will allow for interdisciplinary cooperation between the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Program and provide students access to equipment usually not found in undergraduate research facilities.

Professors Bruce Hansen, Arnold Ho, Spencer Kelly, Carrie Keating, and Doug Johnson jointly applied for the grant through the NSF’s Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program to obtain a state-of-the-art electroencephalography (EEG) system for use by faculty and students studying psychology and neuroscience.

The EEG system, which consists of electrodes that are placed on a person’s scalp, records brain waves. The system will integrate existing lines of behavioral research with neuroscience research measuring neuroelectric brain activation.

Hansen, associate professor of psychology, spearheaded the grant proposal.

“Having a shared EEG system will provide a common tool connecting a diverse range of department members and will facilitate both intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary work among researchers at Colgate that may not otherwise collaborate,” Hansen said.

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Professor Spencer Kelly featured in The Atlantic magazine

June 10, 2013
In psychology professor Spencer Kelly's cognitive neuroscience lab, students examine data results from experiments to see how the brain responds to gestures. Professor Kelly is on the far left in the blue shirt.

Students examine data in Spencer Kelly’s cognitive neuroscience lab.

For an article titled “The Evolution of Hand Gestures: Why Do Some Die Out and Others Endure?”, The Atlantic magazine contacted Spencer Kelly, associate professor of psychology, for his expertise on hand gestures.

The article examined two kinds of hand gestures. The first are “co-speech gestures”, unconscious ways we move our hands as we talk. Professor Kelly talked about the use of these kinds of hand gestures in Scientific American Magazine

“Emblematic gestures”, the second kind of hand gestures, are culturally codified motions we use to supplement or substitute speech—the peace sign, the thumbs-up, the raised middle finger, etc.

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Faculty appointments and promotions announced

March 20, 2013

Provost and Dean of the Faculty Douglas A. Hicks recently announced faculty appointments and promotions that had been approved by the university’s Board of Trustees. Read more

Colgate students awarded Watson Fellowships

March 19, 2013
 Rebekah Ward ‘13

Rebekah Ward ‘13 is one of two Colgate students recently selected as Watson Fellows. (Photo by Janna Minehart ’13)

Thanks to newly awarded Watson Fellowships, two Colgate seniors will travel the globe next year to conduct research ranging from political accountability in countries like Egypt and Russia, to bias toward Gypsy populations in Europe.

The prestigious Watson Fellowship is a one-year $25,000 grant for independent study and travel outside the United States, awarded to graduating seniors. Colgate University is one of 40 institutions of higher education participating in the Watson Fellowship program.

Srikar Gullapalli ’13, a math major from Bangalore, India, and Rebekah Ward ’13, a psychology and peace and conflict studies double major from Montreal, Canada, are two of just 40 announced Watson Fellowships for 2013-2014. Read more

Colgate professor evaluates debate performances

October 4, 2012

Psychology professor Carrie Keating studies charisma, physical leadership qualities, and the facial features that suggest power as well as compassion. Last night, she watched the first of four presidential campaign debates for clues to how the candidates are being perceived by voters in the home stretch. Read more

Students collaborate with faculty on summer research

July 30, 2012

At Colgate University, faculty teach all classes. The advantage of that for students becomes clear when it comes to research. Faculty in all departments and programs closely engage students in research projects – sometimes as early as sophomore year.

This summer, more than 100 undergraduates returned to Colgate to work one-on-one with faculty mentors on scholarly projects in all disciplines.

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See how this alumnus got to Sesame Street

July 27, 2012

After Big Bird was bullied on a recent episode of Sesame Street because the other birds said that his feet were too big and he was too yellow to join their club, Jamie Ostrov ’99 was there to offer the muppets advice.

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Professor takes a sober look at college drinking

June 27, 2012

Professor Julia Martinez is looking forward to July 4, but it’s not necessarily because of the barbecues or fireworks. Actually, it’s what happens at those events that piques Martinez’s interest, because of their effect on her research. Martinez, assistant professor of psychology, studies drinking, specifically in the college-age group.  Read more

Professor, student researchers study OCD treatments

June 22, 2012

This summer, student researchers working in psychology professor Deb Kreiss’ lab are getting a first-hand experience treating their own obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) patients — lab rats. Read more

Neuroscience grad comes full circle with OUS program

June 19, 2012

This weekend, Marvee Gay Espiritu ’12 will return to campus to share her perspective on student life with incoming first-years enrolled in the Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS) summer program. That perspective includes her opportunity to conduct intensive neuroscience research and developing a special mentorship with Jun Yoshino, associate professor of psychology. Espiritu herself had participated in the OUS program, and that experience is how she met Yoshino in the first place. Read more

Professor, student team up to help village business

January 3, 2012

When a businessman in the village of Hamilton had a question about how best to gauge employees’ abilities, he turned to a Colgate faculty member for advice.

That request has turned into an interesting collaborative project involving a student, a professor, and an innkeeper.

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Psychology professor Kevin Carlsmith dies at age 44

November 22, 2011

Kevin M. Carlsmith, a highly regarded Colgate professor and researcher who battled cancer for the past three years, died Nov. 19 in his boyhood home in California surrounded by members of his family. He was 44.

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Research sheds light on foreign-language learning

February 16, 2009

Interested in learning a new language?

If so, you may want to choose a teacher who talks with their hands.

A study conducted by Colgate University Associate Professor of Psychology Spencer Kelly and two Colgate undergraduate researchers, Tara McDevitt ’06 and Megan Esch ’07, reveals that people understand and remember foreign words better when a gesture is associated with them.

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