Ali Fieber ’12 honors Carolyn Hsu

This Torch Medal is given to Carolyn Hsu, Associate Professor of Sociology, by Ali Fieber ’12.

Torch Medals honor a Colgate faculty or staff member who made a meaningful impact on an alum during their time at Colgate. Alumni in the reunion classes of 2007 and 2012 are invited to give a Torch Medal, delivered virtually, to a present or past member of the faculty or staff. See more Torch Medals, and give yours here.

“Professor Hsu was not only my advisor during my time at Colgate but also one of my favorite professors. She constantly challenged and pushed me to reach my full potential as a student. During my oh-so-frequent office hour visits while writing my honors thesis, she listened, provided guidance, and gave the occasional (but very necessary) pep talk. As a current educator, I draw inspiration from her tact and poise as a professor. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me! ”

— Ali Fieber ’12