Alana Fretes Burgos ’12 honors Jun Yoshino

This Torch Medal is given to Jun Yoshino, Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, by Alana Fretes Burgos ’12.

Torch Medals honor a Colgate faculty or staff member who made a meaningful impact on an alum during their time at Colgate. Alumni in the reunion classes of 2007 and 2012 are invited to give a Torch Medal, delivered virtually, to a present or past member of the faculty or staff. See more Torch Medals, and give yours here.

“Dr. Jun Yoshino was my professor, research mentor, academic advisor, and senior thesis advisor during my years at Colgate. He passionately shared his love for neuroscience during every class and meeting, encouraging his students to research topics profoundly and think outside of the box. Thanks to his enthusiasm, I rapidly fell in love with the field of neuroscience and the innumerable questions it poses. As a girl that grew up in Paraguay, I never imagined that one day I would be culturing glial cells in petri dishes, but Dr. Yoshino made that possible. His countless hours of guidance, council, and words of encouragement have had an immeasurable impact on my life both as an undergraduate and as a medical student. Thanks for everything, Doc! You are truly an inspiration! ”

— Alana Fretes Burgos ’12