Rewind: Five favorite Colgate videos of 2016

A year at Colgate goes by quickly. Luckily, thanks to my work producing videos in the Office of Communications, I capture a lot of it on camera. I recently looked back at 2016 — here are my favorite pieces from the last 12 months.

Steven J. Riggs '65: A Tribute

We were told we had about three minutes to tell the story of a man who, in 27 years, lived the life of a true hero. The final project was just under seven minutes. Even though we only scratched the surface, I hope we were able to honor the legacy of this truly amazing person.
Colgate on a frosty fall morning

Chris Kallmyer: Archive of Regional Raking

When the machine project came to campus, I was fortunate to have the chance to document a lot of interesting art projects. My favorite aspect of the whole event was how many of the artists took seemingly mundane parts of daily life in Hamilton and turned them into something special. For most of us, it’s pretty hard to get excited about raking leaves at this point, but artist Chris Kalmeyer brought a sense of wonder to a tedious chore.
Colgate on a frosty fall morning

The Colgate Journey: Raider Nation

For this project, I storyboarded pretty much every single shot. But, no matter how much you plan, a lot is left to chance at production time when you don’t have a large crew, actors, and a controlled set. To get the last shot, I set up in the bleachers directly across from the students and waited for Colgate to score. I marked points on my follow focus to allow me to quickly switch focus from the net to the students cheering. I have lots of takes with missed shots — and good shots ruined by an anxious fan in front of me who kept standing up at the wrong moment.
Colgate on a frosty fall morning

How candidate gestures influence the debates

Professor Carrie Keating’s analysis offers a unique perspective on the 2016 presidential primaries. It remains all the more interesting in light of how things played out in the election. One of the best things about this job is working with the incredible faculty at Colgate.
Colgate on a frosty fall morning

Moonlit Canoe on Lake Morraine

I’ve been shooting with Sony’s a7s cameras for about a year and a half. The camera is mostly known for its incredible low light abilities, and I’d been waiting for a good opportunity to use it in a really challenging situation. Outdoor education’s moonlit canoe trip was the perfect opportunity, as the only real light source was a full moon and a few flashlights. The images toward the end, when it was totally dark, were shot at an ISO of 51,200.
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