Colgate Day of Impact

Today is Colgate Day of Impact. There is still time to register at

Below is a list of some of the 1,500+ events that are happening today.  View them all here.

Abigail Gilman ’19, an incoming first-year student registered and wrote:
“For my first Colgate Day (Class of 2019!) I will be donating blood for the first time.”

Student highlights:

Hope Di Paolo ’17
“I wrote positive messages on chalkboards.”

Grace Mulligan ’17
“Bring coffee or a snack to a friend who is pulling an all-nighter.”

COVE Colgate Buddies
Eight students volunteered with intellectually challenged adults in Hamilton planning activities.

COVE Friends and Mentors
10 students do activities with the teenage girls at the Madison group home, a home for young girls that are placed there for behavioral and family issues.

COVE Habitat for Humanity
Seven students are going to Amarillo, TX, for Habitat over spring break.

COVE Pet Pals
30 students exercise, groom and socialize the animals at Wanderer’s Rest and Spring Farm Cares and provide general shelter help.

Colgate Impact is Global:

Zora McGinnis ’11
“I will be volunteering at Surfrider Oahu’s beach cleanup of Waimanalo Beach Park.” (Hawaii)

Qamar-ul Huda ’90
“Connecting Afghan middle-school students from a village outside of Herat with students in Sydney (Australia) and Cleveland (USA) using a teleconference devise to teach modern politics and conflict resolution.”

Greg Casagrande ’85
“Help poor but aspiring women micro-entrepreneurs on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.”

Catie Murray ’12
“I’m a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, West Africa. On Friday, I will be working at fair/workshop organized by fellow volunteers for women’s empowerment.”

David Choi ’13
“I will be at the youth group meeting of the Korean expat church I attend here in Egypt, where I am a teacher. I try to be someone who helps these young people, just like how many helped me while I was at Colgate.”

Colgate Jamaica Study Group
“As a group, we will be traveling to Liberty Hall in Jamaica. Once there, we will be working with inner-city children to assist them with their schoolwork.”

Ned Collins-Chase ’11
“I will be doing arts and crafts projects with local children in the village where I am posted in the Peace Corps in Chicumbane, Gaza Province, Mozambique. I’ll also be doing activities to teach them about malaria prevention as part of the Peace Corps’ Stomp Out Malaria program.”

More impact:

Bob Glendening ’71
“I’ll be flying through airports on Colgate Day. I’ll find some military service members and will buy them a cup of coffee or beer and explain why as I thank them for their service. I do this on a regular basis when I go through airports – maybe I can “treat” 13 military people on 13 Mar 2015.”

Colgate Career Services
This office will be offering pro bono individual resume critiques for members of the Hamilton, NY community and surrounding area on Friday between 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. at the Hamilton Public Library.

Amy Palmer-Ellis ’95
“I will provide legal services pro bono to my local Community Chest organization.”

Clarissa Shah ’10
“I will take the initial steps in implementing a student-run Chinese language clinic that is accessible to students in St. Louis metro area.”

Robert Wright ’60
“I will visit a World War II vet living in a senior home who flew a P 38 over Germany taking photos of Hitler’s war machine. He likes to go for a car ride so he can smoke a cigar.”

What are you doing? Add your act of impact in comments, and be sure to register at