Alumni and friends flocked to campus for Reunion 2014, May 29–June 1. Here is a look at this important event, by the numbers:

1,604: Minimum number of alumni in attendance

2016: When alumni guests from this year are officially tallied

59: Class years represented under the tents

84: Members from the 50th Reunion Class of ‘64

313: Minimum number from the Class of ‘09

1: Rank in class attendance

101: Estimate of photos tagged gatereunion on Instagram

113: Minimum number of  events for alumni and their families

2: Official wine tastings in the tents

$3,091,817: Minimum raised for Colgate by reunion classes this fiscal year

40: Years celebrated by the Swinging Gates

4: Decades celebrated in the concert on Saturday night

55: Current students who worked at reunion

21:02: Average session duration of the two visits by someone in Belgium to the webpage

10th: Rank (tied) of Buffalo and Philadelphia in page views to

19:03: Time one person from Japan spent on Reunion Live social media stream

7: Students who pitched in with IT assistance during the 113 events

1: Pairs of Google Glasses known to be used

Hugs were not accurately counted at Reunion

Hugs were not accurately counted at Reunion

1: Album on university’s flickr photo site

40,031: Estimated number of images taken by attendees

1: Confirmed marriage proposals

750: Estimated number of torches lit for Torchlight ceremony

16: Maroon Citations awarded — 13 alumni, three staff

June 2, 2014: The day we began working on 2015 Reunion. See you soon 5’s and 0’s.

Here are the lists from 2013, and 2012.

What numbers would you add?