FeelGoodFoodFeel-good food: It can be defined in different ways, depending on the creator and the consumer. Colgate Scene associate editor Aleta Mayne recently talked to six young alumni who have created their own definitions of feel-good food, whether it’s workout fuel or gourmet sweet treats made from fresh ingredients.

These entrepreneurs have filled us up with their stories, advice, and even what’s in their refrigerators (lots of condiments, it turns out!).

Although each innovator had an appetite to make food with simple ingredients, none had previous experience running a food business.

Several are “ultralight start-ups,” founded with very little out-of-pocket capital and growing from what the business generates on its own. Most use locally sourced ingredients. Some are picking up on current trends, like food trucks or going gluten-free. And all of them have taken what seemed like a crazy idea and found a taste of success.

The products range from Frava’s naturally caffeinated juice, Health Warrior’s chia bars, and Maia’s probiotic Greek yogurt to confections by Pop Nation and Pacific Puffs to the Good Nature craft microbrewery. Their stories reflect the strong entrepreneurial spirit of Colgate people — which today is fostered through the university’s robust Thought Into Action Institute.

Read Mayne’s full feature article “Feel-Good Food” in the autumn Colgate Scene and check out product recipes.