Activities Fair

Rainy weather didn’t keep students from swarming the Quad for Tuesday’s Activities Fair. Photo by Duy Trinh ’14

Entering the Quad for the Activities Fair on Tuesday evening, I saw a blur of students visiting tables that represented the diversity of student clubs and organizations. Arranged systematically, the tables boasted colorful signs, bowls of candy, or, in the case of the Tea Club, warm cups of tea.

Students waiting patiently to sign up formed lines of various sizes. Meanwhile, club sponsors drew in students with their pitches: “Join Rugby! Wooh! It’s the best!” and “Want to travel to cool places? Join Model UN!”

During orientation last week, upperclassmen advised me to sign up for everything that looked interesting. And I did. I started with the news section, where I signed up for the Colgate Maroon-News and the Colgate Portfolio (literary arts magazine).

In the athletics section, I signed up for club tennis before moving on to the cultural section, where I put my name down for the Indian Culture Club, Korean American Student Association, Colgate Anti-Racism Coalition, Latin American Student Organization, and the Colgate International Community.

In the “miscellaneous” section, I went for the Photography Club, Colgate Culinary Union, and Women in Business. Finally, in the community service–oriented section, I signed up for the Disaster Response Team and Do Random Acts of Kindness.

Admittedly, the number of clubs I signed up for is a little daunting, but the opportunities they present is exciting. For example, I am especially enthusiastic about the Korean American Student Association.

Although I am not Korean, the students leading the club were overwhelmingly inclusive, a characteristic I found in every club I was attracted to. Also, as part of the Benton Scholars program, I am taking a class called CORE: Korea. At the end of the year, our class will travel to South Korea, where I will be able to apply what I learn in both the class and club.

Two main ideals of education — learning through experience and being exposed to unknown fields — were embodied by the Activities Fair. And even more incredible? These learning experiences are run by students.

I knew that Colgate is home to a wealth of interests and talents — that’s why I wanted to come here. I thought I had gotten a sense of what campus life would be like after the first week, but after the Activities Fair, I’ve discovered that life here is just warming up.

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