2013 Reunion

The tents. 2013 Reunion (photo by Tim Mansfield, who will swim in Taylor Lake)

Minimum number of alumni at Reunion 2013: 1,620

2,003: when guests are counted

Number of class years represented under the tents: 62

96: number of the 50th Reunion Class of ‘63

Minimum number from the Class of ‘08: 312

1: Rank in class attendance.

According to Instagram, estimated number of people playing that game in the ‘03 / ‘08 tent: 80

Minimum number of photos tags ‘gatereunion‘ on Instagram: 71

Minimum number of  events for alums and their families: 113

$16,478,003: total raised for Colgate by Reunion classes this fiscal year

40: number of years celebrated by Women athletes

53: number of current students who worked at Reunion

Minimum number of people from Boston who visited the Reunion live website: 36

1: number of from Pakistan who visited the Reunion live website

15: minimum length in characters a password should be according to Peter Setlak in the privacy and security session

Sequence of the film shown by Joe Berlinger ‘88 in his Paradise Lost series during Reunion: 3

Number of students who pitched in IT assistance during the 113 events around campus: 7

1: Number of remote controlled aerial helicopters taking video of Reunion

4,909: minimum number of photos taken by Colgate University photographer Andy Daddio

40,031: estimated number of images taken by attendees

90: degrees, hottest temperature noted during reunion

1, 2: rank of Friday and Saturday in hottest days of 2013 in Hamilton

Minimum number of confirmed marriage proposals during Reunion: 1

Estimated number of torches lit during Trochlight. 750

Number of pictures uploaded to Facebook during reunion: 527

16: number of Maroon Citations awarded: 13 alumni, 3 staff

June 3rd, 2013: the day we began working on 2014 Reunion

Here is the list from 2012.

What numbers would you add?