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Provost Douglas Hicks and Professor Ellen Percy Kraly on the Today Show

By Contributing Writer on May 14, 2013

NBC’s Today show featured Colgate University’s gift of 119 indigenous artworks to Curtin University in Western Australia.

Watch the segment below, or visit the Today Show page.

Please visit this link to read the full story.

Read the full remarks by Provost Douglas Hicks at the Curtin University transfer ceremony.

Here is a slideshow of the art.


  • victor cataquet said:

    Hello Colgate,
    I am not an alumnus of your college.

    Please forgive my gumption in sending you this email, but I had to give it a try. I love getting memories of great events and Institutions of the USA for my collection of history. Thus, is it possible for your area to send me a copy of the University newspaper/bulletins for my collection & joy. I will treasure any issue, old or new, with events of History & Sports and if possible, signed by the Editor or Provost-President.

    Thanks so much for any consideration towards this request. I will treasure too any mementos from any activities of the annual events and your 4th annual Touch a Truck activities, such as flyers, ad-card, program, passes, button, bulletins, photo.

    I managed to get a B.A. degree in Biology from Hunter College in NYC many years ago, but my grades in Chemistry & Physics & Calculus were low. Thus, I became a Bank clerk. However, I love my avocations – practicing on my conga drums and collecting memories of various events of the USA colleges and, other such events as the Higgs Boson activities at CERN. I find that college newspapers/bulletins are becoming extinct as every thing goes ON-LINE now-a-days. I love holding the hard copy in hand which makes me feel connected to the greats of the world.

    Best wishes always. Regards, Victor Cataquet 23 Macy st., Quincy, Ma. 02169 USA

    • Tim O'Keeffe said:

      Hi Victor,

      We will get a signed copy of our main publication, The Colgate Scene, in the mail for you. Thanks for writing to us!