The Year of 2013 offers many ways for Colgate to celebrate its lucky number (the university was founded by 13 men with 13 dollars and 13 prayers). As part of our yearlong celebration, on the 13th of every month we are posting a story or list pertaining to our lucky number.

For the past seven years, the university communications office has used a blog platform to distribute its stories. We have tracked which blog posts were most widely viewed and generated this list. We hope these will strike a chord or a memory (please share those in the comments section) or prompt you to learn more about Colgate.

Gate 13 photo

Alumni, students, and friends are finding “13” in very unique ways around the world. Send your pictures to us at or use #project13 on Twitter. See photos here.

  1. No. 1 Colgate earns top spot in salary study
  2. Jeffrey Herbst named 16th president of Colgate
  3. Dalai Lama offers words of wisdom about happiness
  4. Seniors highlighted through Google map mashup
  5. Colgate exceeds campaign goal by 20% to raise $480M
  6. Student-athlete Spiro Goulakos ’15 forced to leave hockey team for cancer treatments
  7. Study ranks Colgate alumni among top earners
  8. Colgate reopens library, academic buildings, and fitness center
  9. Mark Murphy ’77 named president of Green Bay Packers
  10. President Bill Clinton to deliver next Global Leaders lecture
  11. Graduates urged to keep liberal arts tradition alive
  12. Flash mob adds new video twist to Colgate Day
  13. Colgate gives big welcome to newest students